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  1. Hi. I created an 8-sided polygon, then rotated it 22.5 degrees so the sides are parallel to the top, etc - as shown in my image. However, I'd like to rotate the control handles as well with the handles on the flats, not the points as shown. Can this be done?
  2. Thanks MEB! Looking forward to seeing Affinity Publisher.
  3. I need to make a several page document & wondered if the Frame Text Tool could be set in such a way that the text would overflow automatically to the next page? At the moment I've been cutting the overflow lines & pasting to the next page which can be a pain for a large doc. I know this can be done with an office program like Word or OpenOffice Writer but I want to dress the doc up a bit with AD. Thanks
  4. This is great software but I hope there will be a fix or a change in preferences to lock FX size soon. This has caused me a great deal of re-work but I do love AF Design!
  5. I have a rather large project with multiple Groups & Layers & thought highlighting a few with a color would help find adjustments faster. Seems I've seen where this could be done with Affinity Designer but can't find out one way or another with searches. No biggie if it can't be done. George-
  6. Well I'm learning, albeit the hard way, but nevertheless learning. A while back I created a simple character but now, after training myself with AF's tutorials, I decided to add life into this character by advanced shading. I guess we all get carried away while working & forget to save occasionally. That was the case as I had completed a lot on my project when I decided to try experimenting with brush types to add something extra to an outline. Apparently AFD didn't like this particular brush I selected as it crashed... it took awhile but down it went. :wacko: Fortunately, AF has recovery for mistakes like this which worked like a charm & I was back to work where I left off. Moral of the story, save, save & save your work often! :)
  7. Yes, that's what I needed & did the trick. :) Thanks, I'll check out the roadmap, too. George
  8. Slowly but surely I'm learning AF Designer but right now more slowly than surely! ;) How to make text with perspective? I'm not sure how to search "Help". What I'd like to do is place my text on a wall that looks slightly taller on the left, but smaller to the right, in proportion to my drawing. Like on a hallway wall. I wasn't sure what to call this as I call it perspective but I guess skew might be correct. Please help before I lose all my hair! :D
  9. That's perfect. I knew I'd seen it somewhere. Thank you so much! :D
  10. Hi. Fairly new to Affinity Design & it seems I have seen a preset tool for cartoon conversations clouds. I made & attached a quick illustration, trying to explain further. They are easy enough to make but I'm seeking a more professional look. Any ideas?
  11. Thanks MEB! Installed without issues.
  12. I'm a newbie to Affinity Designer on Windows beta & I'm not able to install .afstyles files on Affinity Designer. Are .afstyles files for Affinity Photo only? As of now Affinity Photo for Windows Beta has not been released yet so I haven't been able to try installing there. If .afstyles are for Affinity Designer, how are they installed? Thanks, George
  13. I get it now. Next to "Width" is "Controller" which has a dropdown with settings, Brush Defaults, Automatic, Pressure, Velocity & None. I guess AD defaults to "None". Using "Pressure" would not work with the mouse but I do have a Wacom Pen Tablet & seems to work properly, although I do need some practice using the Wacom :rolleyes: . With the mouse "Velocity" did work. Thanks for your help! :) George
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