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  1. Tiago

    Imac and Keyboard

    Nice, I assumed the wood background would not be vector :) The work is very good - the details where I can notice that this is an illustration are the corners of the devices (in perspective) and perhaps the shadow of the imac against the wood background. Amazing job though
  2. Tiago

    Imac and Keyboard

    Is this all vector? Very nice
  3. Thanks for the reply Leigh, The problem is the cost of the app might change until then. I would be much better to have to option of sending it as a gift :(
  4. Hi all, I want to offer Affinity Photo as a Christmas gift for my father. I checked the App Store and it's not possible to send it as a gift. Is there a way around this? The app is currently in promotion and I want to take advantage of that. Any help will be appreciated Tiago
  5. Hi, The tool does what it proposes to do, but I'd like to be able to drag one edge of the page to an object instead.
  6. Tiago

    Horror story book cover.

    Great initiative, I'm curious about the book judging by it's cover. I think the illustration is very expressive. The layout and text I think are generally good (position of elements, font size). However, I'd use less visual variations on the page. For example, you chose mutiple text fonts that don't read very well together, and you mixed backgrounds even though you were trying to make them look the same. Also, I'd try to use a more subtle transition between the main title and the image (im referring to the thick black line that to me has too much prominence). Just a final suggestion: maybe find a way to use the blood texture to fill the letters of the title? Regards
  7. Thanks Paul, I'll give it a try - but doesn't sound very practical :(
  8. Hi - straightforward question, how does one expand/crop the drawing area in Affinity Designer? Thanks
  9. Thanks guys! Here's a close-up
  10. I had some difficulties along the way but here you go. Any comments appreciated! :)
  11. Thanks A_B_C I couldn't move the end points of the tool graph individually. Secondly the tool stop having on the path effect after playing with it a bit - I had to close and open AD to make it work again. Is there an alternative to using this tool? For large/complex paths/contours it's difficult to have precise control.
  12. No worries about first question, just found a way around it - the second snap menu! Should have guessed!