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  1. I have an alternative to the animation problem, instead of creating a new program, Serif could add an animation persona to Affinity Designer. However, Affinity Flix is still a better idea, as it would have more functionality/features compared to a persona. At the same time, people with an art program other than Affinity Designer, might not want to buy another art program only to use it's animation tools/software. Note: I'm sticking with Affinity Flix now.
  2. Serif once had MoviePlus, so I'm suprised they haven't created an Affinity equivalent yet.
  3. Possible Names Affinity Animate (Default) Affinity Motion Affinity Move Affinity Film Affinity Filmer Affinity Movie Affinity Flix ( a take on the word "flicks" as in "movie flicks")
  4. Since V2 was just released I'm wondering if they're outlook on animation programs have changed. Perhaps someday, probably a long time from now, Affinity Animate, or whatever it would be called, would be released.
  5. Agreed. I first started learning how to use digital art programs in school with Adobe Illustrator. I still miss using the puppet warp and mesh gradient tool to this day. Seeing Affinity coming up with their own alternatives would be great. Adding these tools would also encourage more people to migrate to Affinity, as it would no longer pay [for them] to have a ridiculous subscription to something that you also get for an one-time fee of $50.
  6. For clarification, Affinity Animate will focus [solely] on 2D animation.
  7. I made these just in for Spring, using Frankentoon's Placard Brushes and the DAUB Blender Brush Set. The pack comes with all of the birds shown here, plus 2 bonus bird in pink and teal. You're free to do whatever you want with them as long you don't make them into NFTS. Also, if you plan to use them for commercial purposes, please credit me. Rainbow Birds.afassets Rainbow Birds (Sitckers).zip
  8. Affinity makes a fairly decent line of products that are quite affordable compared to the other major competitors in the market. However when it comes to animation, Adobe and other subscription based programs are still in the lead. The only well-known free animation application is Blender, is confusing to use. If Affinity gets its own animation program, people will finally have a reason to stop using adobe. Of course there are things you can do in Illustrator that you can't do in Affinity Designer, but an animation program that only requires a reasonable one-time payment instead of an expensive subscription will definitely make up for that. I haven't been able to come up with an idea for the logo design yet, but the [current] colors for the logo will be: #77E1B0 (Main) #4BCC83 (Accent) Anyways, feel free to comment down below and share suggestions you have about/for Affinity Animate. I will update this post once I come up with a possible logo design, new color scheme, and or name change.
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