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  1. And since MS is screwing Windows more and more (recent update that caused problems with Affinity V1) purchasing V2 seems to be necessary because honestly we don't know how long will Serif fix V1 after next Windows updates So even though V2 is not a revolution for me and currently I don't need it (changes are small) I think I'll eventually buy it in the hope for support in next few years.
  2. It saves some space I understand that it can be a problem if you use noise a lot, but personally I like it's current shape. I've got used to it really quickly. Of course additional option in settings could be a solution.
  3. Honestly - I also don't understand their generosity with universal licenses - unlimited number of devices, iPads, Windows PCs and Macs, all apps... OK - one reason I can think of is marketing: making people more interested with all Affinity Suite apps... and I have no doubt that consumers will like it, but that doesn't fit the narrative of the global crisis and the need to raise prices because of inflation. Still I don't like that whining about the prices. Especially AP is still very attractive considering price/performance ratio.
  4. For you UI is too small on your tiny screens in FHD or 1440p, for me is great on my 32" 1440p screen with 150% scaling set in Windows (yeap, I've got such bad sight - visual acuity=0,05 and astigmatism that can't be corrected). Either you have no problem with your sight and with reading fonts or you do have some problems too . I think it's impossible to make really BIG UI for an app which contains so much controls and panels and requires a lot of workspace without forcing people to use second screen - one for controls, another to display picture we work on. Sure, ability so set freely the size of each UI element would be fantastic, but I think it's really hard. It's strange for me that people with great sight complain. it's usually me who has the problem with some apps - old that doesn't scale well or new that have really strange size (usually TOO BIG with scaling enabled - too big even for myself!) As for me, there is no problem with AP. It's perfectly consistent with my scaling settings in Windows, fonts have the size similar to these in Office, my Browser and any other app that respect Windows scaling.
  5. Perhaps they should just clarify that they guarantee "free updates of v1/v2 etc." - especially that customers don't understand what "lifetime" means, It's not about their lives but the product life
  6. As an amateur user I'd prefer to get a special upgrade price rather than special launch offer addressed to everyone and time-limited. As I clarified i my topic about the upgrade I don't consider currently provided new tools or functions essential. I'd prefer to wait what happens in the future and then buy an upgrade for guaranteed lowered price, because I have no incomes from using AP. BUT I UNDERSTAND Serif motivation, I understand that forcing people to buy upgrade outside the AppStore would be extremely risky and stupid. I also understand that my personal perspective is specific. Other companies require regular payments each year and it seems that people have much less problem with this. As for the price - some comments are really ridiculous. I'm from one of the Central European countries. Sure, we are not as poor as many other nations, but still definitely not as wealthy as people in Germany, Switzerland or Netherlands. Still single Affinity app in launch offer costs less than single computer game, less than one pair of well known brand jeans (actually, depending on the brand, 30-70% less!) or less than my recent ophthalmologist visit which lasted ten minutes ;)... Sure, as a hobbyist I understand that we're less willing to pay for something which isn't necessary, but when professional users, some of them still paying for Adobe, claim that Affinity price is too high for their budget... that must be trolling. So, let's stay serious and If we do criticize, let it be constructive criticism.
  7. Oh, sorry, It seems I've mixed two posts of different users as well as dots and text labels cases . Indeed, you actually wrote about contoured dots as a first person here! So it seems we agree on this, and I also like the fact the dots compact.
  8. It would be really great to know what new features can we expected, at least these which are supposed to be added in the nearest feature, as an incentive and to show some perspective of development of v2 brach, especially that Serif was usually silent when it comes to information about new features. Personally that's the most interesting and bothering thing for me, because update price, comparing to the competition, is still extremely affordable, but time limited. I have no doubt that many will choose to support you on spec and that's great but you could encourage more
  9. High contrast can help if you have serious problem with your sight but generally high contrast (too high - like really bright text on really dark background) is considered tiring and not very healthy for our eyes. I understand that calibrated monitors are usually not very bright and in such case too low contrast between text and background can be a problem, but I did not get the impression that the UI contrast in Affinity is lower than that of the competing software.
  10. OK, perhaps all disabled layers with default names can be misleading, but when you open your first doc you immediately learn how active layer indicator looks like. However I think I understand what you tried to show and generally I agree that adding contours to the dots can be helpful (which you don't as I understand ). Still, I don't agree that dots (also with contours) are inaccurate because of some "radio button principle" or just because checkboxes were more common 20 years ago As for the layers - I my opinion grayed out default names are 1000% correct because in such configuration named layers become easier to distinguish and you can add some hierarchy to them: named are more important thus highlighted and easier to find on the list. On the other hand - It won't be a disaster if checkboxes are restored. I just think that dots works well too
  11. Well, since I commented on the statements made by the author quite harshly, I must now admit that I have read more about the installation problems and was myself relieved to hear that the old installer is back. Initially I thought that launch aliases works well, but It turns out that I myself would have had trouble creating profiles in the mouse and tablet drivers.... So great news from Serif for everyone.
  12. Had the same problem on 2060s, Not sure but I think that disabling OpenCL Hardware Acceleration fixed it.
  13. The latter is the problem only with MacOS and iOS, on Windows you'll be use v1 for a long long time. ;)
  14. Actually you can but you must reset settings of all brushes from settings window. I think that definitely there should be either a button to reset single brush parameters to default or an option to lock default brushes so brush copies will be created automatically each time you change advanced parameters.
  15. Not good idea, because on the left side are expand arrow buttons as well as miniatures which allow you select single layer.
  16. And probably won't be implemented, since they haven't been added for eight long years. Perhaps Serif should focus on one tool - AP - and make it really great (it is really great even now)?
  17. What is so funny? Except a few shapes, standard pen, standard node tool, standard fill and gradient, one transform tool (contour) and recently added knife and shape builder (nice, I admit) it has nothing. No perspective, no extrusion, no free shadows, no vector brush, no mesh gradients, no envelope, no eraser, no distortion, roughen, smudge, blend tools... FX effects? Cool, so helpful when you design something... Of course you can draw everything using only a pen, but...
  18. I think that problem is different. It's not important what other people get (and how stupidly generous Serif, which does not have more money for salaries to hire more programmers, is - that initial sale seems to be much longer than any potential sales in the future), it's the fact that offer for previous owners is time limited, currently upgrade is not worth the price and we don't know what will be added in the future. (Did Serif really offer some other discounts in the past except the generous price drop during COVID pandemic in 2021?) Of course other companies are much more greedy and also doesn't tell what they'll add, when and how much it will cost, but their approach is clear - new version each year, either as anti-consumer subscription or as new expensive license. Here some people were waiting not one or two years but much longer and while from such perspective purchasing upgrade can be even easier - they were using v1 so long that they should now support Serif once again regardless what they get, because in the past the've got so much for such small price - it's also a bit frustrating. Perhaps because so many people are emotionally connected with company and really appreciated what Serif made for amateurs. Now, after all these years, it turned out that app development is extremely slow and... the future is not clear.
  19. Biggest issues? I hoped that with AD v2 I'll get true competitor for Corel Draw 9, but... no, still 70% of its tools are missing, not mentioning Corel DRAW X3 (the latest version I known as a child) I don't understand who use AD and consider it as a competitor for AI
  20. The fact they want to pay them for AD v2 which changes almost nothing and adds almost no missing vector tools (Jesus! There is almost NOTHING - Eraser, Free Shadows, Distortion, Perspective, Extrusion, Envelope, Mesh Gradients, shapes like Grid etc., transform tools like Roughen, Smudge etc., real vector brushes...) is a real joke. The only app that should be released now is AP and I still wonder if a few dynamic masks are worth doing an upgrade, but that's really cool app anyway, sto I don't want to say it's not worth purchasing. Mindblowing...
  21. Yeah, that's the problem, Non destructive means also no snapping, no exact and replicable perspective etc... Why they don't call that program Vector Paitner Basic? It has nothing to do with design. Zero tools for vector designing, no extruding, no grids, no proper transform tools, it has nothing, only "vector" brushes (that means bitmap brushes) and some basic shapes to draw... It's a joke when you look what Inkscape offers... Personally I shouldn't care because I rather need only photo editing software, and AP is great, but AD still amazes me how bad it is and how anyone can use it without simple tools that exist in other apps for twenty years. Amazing.
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