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  1. lol ☺️ This might explain why we're still waiting for it - it's not really exciting to develop such feature. But seriously, how complicated it might be? I remember programming shape shifting interpolations in BASIC using for-loops, 25 years ago...
  2. +1 It's a shame how many good software lack blend tool. Even worse some might have something called like that but with completely different function.
  3. It works now! Even when I forced the pixel alignment back. Thank you very much.
  4. I couldn't find this option neither in the preferences nor the toolbars.
  5. Thank you for the clip - this is exactly how I imagined it would work but it does not on my machine :( Is there something in the preferences that must be checked or unchecked?
  6. I really need this feature right now but it does not appear :( v1.5.2 Could you please provide the link which explains how to use it properly? Thank you!
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