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  1. Are in affinity designer any analogs of blend like in Ai. For example to blend from transparent big star to opaque small star(screenshot)
  2. #10 possibility to dram many lines or shape by using line or shape tool and holding ~ or maybe I dint find it ?
  3. #8 possibility to measure distance between objects like sketch 3 does it. I absolutely cannot image UI workflow without this tool
  4. #4 targeted adjustment tool in camera RAW, this is great tool, I hope to see it in Develop Persona in Affinity Photo
  5. #3 Magnetic lasso tool(personally I hate any kind of lasso) for me selection brush tool and flood select works great, but some people might find it handy
  6. thing number 2 is small line that separate been made categories - more easy to find what you looking for and, more give more sense what to expect from the blend
  7. First in my list is some kind of eye dropper selective saturation in HSL adjustment in Ps, I think it handy to drag over area that you want to saturate without guessing which channel is going to work best, what colour is it etc.
  8. Hi there, Im using AD almost one year. And funny thing is that I never worked in any of Adobe products, so for me all experience is going from AD, AP and goes Ai Ps. not like many people here who have been working in Adobe software for a while and now are switching to AD APs. I decided, in order to get more skills to master few courses in Ai Ps(on on one series from Deke McClelland for AI PS and). Those courses as far that I can see are very deep and contain lot of ways how to work etc. In the same time will try to duplicate some exercises in Affinity products and would like to share with some tools that I din't found in AD/AP but there are In Ai Ps. I'm sure that in some cases I didn't try hard enough to find tools, but any way)
  9. Hello, is there any way to measure distance between objects like it done on Sketch 3 by hover over object and clicking "alt"
  10. Hello thanks for fast reply, I attempted to open it in designer beta and it and works, the same situation with affinity photo: if failed to open my projects in 1.4 version, but it works in beta. 1.4.1 If I open my problematic files in 1.4.1-beta an re-save it, after that it opens in 1.4 version. Will it still helpful for bug fixing if I attach problematic files?
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