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  1. Here is an edit I did in AP to bring a bit of light, atmosphere and warmth to an otherwise dull forest scene. All comments, good and bad, welcome. Joe
  2. Here is my attempt to merge a couple of shots of the Allianz Arena in Munich going from day into night. The Arena was being lit in rainbow colours to celebrate Christopher Street Day 2016.
  3. Thanks, that is brilliant. I never knew it was possible to use in-painting to fill in that way. Joe
  4. Danke, Jack. Wieder eine tolle Idee für ein Projekt. Das Tutorial-Video ist einfach zu folgen und die Ergebnisse sind groß. Beigefügt ist mein Versuch, nicht perfekt, aber ich bin mit dem Ergebnis sehr zufrieden. Thanks, Jack. Again a great idea for a project. The tutorial video is easy to follow and the results are great. Attached is my attempt, by no means perfect but I'm very happy with the result. Joe
  5. Thanks for posting this useful tutorial. It has given me a few ideas to try out. The video is concise, to the point and the techniques are well described. Well done.
  6. Hello. if you haven't already tried the new stacking option in AP 1.4.....you really should. I have been trying out object removal, stacking a number of photos to remove any moving objects. I'm not going to go into the in's and out's here, do yourself a favour and watch the tutorial here The example below is of the BMW Welt in Munich and made up of 13 handheld shots. The second photo is the stack without any object removal to give you an idea how effective this tool is. Have fun trying it out. Joe
  7. Thanks. No, I haven't tried adding previous footsteps but it is a good idea.
  8. Hi, another attempt at a dream-like composite using AP. The lake scene is from Lake Garda in Italy. The snow covered statue is in Prague. All comments welcome. Joe
  9. Thanks for a great tutorial. I really enjoy these videos, they are a great way of learning for a novice like myself. Joe
  10. Hi James, thanks for the reply....unfortunately it is still not working for me as in the video. However I have found changing the colour of the characters will get a similar result. Many thanks for the video tutorials, they really help a novice like myself with tips and tricks I would likely never discover otherwise, Cheers. Joe
  11. Thanks, I tried out your suggestions and they do work to some extent and solved my problem. However, I would still be interested to know why it works in the example but not in practice. Cheers.
  12. Hello, First of all, thanks for all the great tutorial videos, they are a great help. I have watched and tried to follow the instructions in the Displacement Tutorial. Everything worked as shown until I try to change the blend mode. In the video the blend mode is set from normal to screen and the text changes from black to white. However when I try to do this the text goes from black to clear, in other words, it disappears. I can't see that I missed any settings so whee am I going wrong ? Thanks. Joe
  13. Hi, another attempt at a composite photo, this time using a series of four photos. Not a difficult one this, the splash photo was the background and the boy diving simply cut and pasted from the other shots in the sequence. Once again, any comments, good or bad are welcome. Thanks horslip
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