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    Pixlers reacted to glengine in node base non destructive image editing features like nuke and resolve   
    I fully support this.  Having a node editor with some of the same hot keys/controls as Maya and Nuke would really set this app apart from CC.
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    Pixlers reacted to ronnyb in node base non destructive image editing features like nuke and resolve   
    I would love to see the affinity Devs expose the full power but only if they can develop a unique UI for it. Node is very powerful but not as accessible as layer based. I think an approach like Motion's Behaviors is genius. These would be like a set of packaged nodes delivering specific effects whose parameters can be linkable via inputs and outputs....
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    Pixlers reacted to anon1 in node base non destructive image editing features like nuke and resolve   
    After all affinity is node based internally anyway
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    Pixlers reacted to Jimmini in node base non destructive image editing features like nuke and resolve   
    I created a small node setup in Blender that generates a rainbow spiral, to give you an idea on how this approximately works, just in case.

    The left most node gives the image coordinates, the right most is the output. Nodes can be grouped and reused for more complex setups. Just download the software from blender.org and open the .blend file within the attached zip file. You can manipulate values in the nodes and the result gets immediately displayed to the right. Of course, Blender really isn't made for image editing, so it lacks some important things to make this more than just a small peek at what could be.
    Sure, this isn't a small feature request, but I think this could greatly enhance the program's scope and provide a massive selling point that surely would find a lot of fans.
    Spiral Node Texture.zip
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    Pixlers reacted to CJ Randolph in Node Tool, Click+RightMouse is mechanically difficult   
    When using the Node Tool, the bottom information line lists "Click+RightMouse to smooth node," but it feels needlessly difficult to accomplish. The user must either click+rightclick perfectly simultaneously, or rightclick and hold then left click. Unfortunately, rightclicking first (which would be easier) brings up the rightclick menu, which blocks then blocks the cursor from targeting the intended node. Meanwhile, attempting to click at the same time is finicky; if the user clicks either mousebutton even slightly before the other, it doesn't work. Either of two changes could improve usability here: setting the rightclick menu to appear on button release rather than on click, or allowing the combination leftclick and hold + rightclick to do it.
    I hope that made sense. I've been up all night and I'm kind of punchy.
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    Pixlers got a reaction from affinityfan in node base non destructive image editing features like nuke and resolve   
    Yes, I have this desire for a node based image editing program for 20 or more years. It would be great to see that feature growing up in this young program.
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    Pixlers reacted to walt.farrell in Selection improvements   
    Serif (the company) listens to the feature requests for Affinity (the applications) and factors them into their planning. Usually, however, they do not comment on the requests.
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    Pixlers reacted to Glicky in Artistic text to paragraph text and vice versa   
    A feature to convert artistic text to paragraph text is not something that will make the program 'complicated'... you can say this on every feature.
    (its more complicated to create a new text object and to copy paste, from right clicking to select "convert paragraph text"...)
    The reason why so many functions are missing, is just becalse its a young program. (there is no ImageTrace etc in Affinity, because the software will be to complicated?)
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    Pixlers reacted to Murali Krishna in Artistic text to paragraph text and vice versa   
    CorelDraw has an option to convert paragraph text to artistic text and vice versa.
    It is very useful at times.
    Hope to see this feature soon on Affinity Designer
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    Pixlers reacted to MEB in Save Dialog Shortcuts (missing Don't Save)   
    Hi Pixlers,
    cmd+delete does work for a few languages (English, Spanish) but fails on others (Deutsch, Portuguese etc).
    I'm logging this to be looked at. Thanks for letting us know.
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    Pixlers reacted to Neuronum in How to show red overlay when masking   
    Hope affinity team to make mask alpha channel shown as red overlay. It would be very convenient for users!
    Many thanks!

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    Pixlers reacted to telemax in Photo + Designer: Preview in Fullscreen   
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    Pixlers reacted to transwagon in Photo + Designer: Preview in Fullscreen   
    I totally agree. It's a feature in photoshop which especially comes in handy when designing for a website. But also with other projects.
    It would be great if you guys could implement this function.
    Thank you.
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    Pixlers reacted to JeffreyWalther in Photo + Designer: Preview in Fullscreen   
    No, I need the canvas to be displayed and scaled to full screen. No buttons, no menu no whatever. PREVIEW!
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    Pixlers reacted to JeffreyWalther in Photo + Designer: Preview in Fullscreen   
    I wished it was possible to press a key to hide the entire GUI and only to display the canvas in fullscreen.
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    Pixlers got a reaction from spez in Blur Filter with radius based on a BW layer   
    Every filter should have an option to adjust all its variable values with free selectable alpha channel. That would be an unique selling point, not evenPhotoshop can do this.  B)
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    Pixlers reacted to Tupaia in Am I missing it? Numeric Scale?..   
    Thanks, I know. When there's no other way, we have to fall back to workarounds - but we want to work, not work around, right?
    @Oval: you seem to have earned your respect around here with that many posts. However, since you repeatedly point me to the help about input field expression, which do NOT offer a solution for what I mean, I'm under the impression that you don't understand what it's about. Also, you are no Affinity representative, are you. This is a simple wish that makes sense. So I suggest to leave feature decisions to them, and to stop worrying if it comes your way or not.
    Trying to make myself clearer, again:
    True, when you enter a % value in the W or H field (thanks to expressions), it already does scale the object(s). However, this scale value is NOT remembered in the object's transform matrix (the little data package that stores pos, rot, scl, shr). The new size is 'baked' into the object's geometry, so to speak  (in a 3D program, this would be an "automatic scale freeze" or something analogous - in e.g. Cinema 4D, this is a dedicated UI button).
    To restore an object's original size then, you would need to remember all the scales you did in the meantime, and enter the reciproke - too much hassle, although expressions would allow for it. Or use helper lines/objects. Not so nice, either.
    What I propose is simply that the scale value is also remembered & exposed, just like position, rotation, shear. First, because it's consistent, second, because then you can reset objects to their original scale by simply entering 100% or 1.0. (I have to correct myself here. In my post from 21.11.2016  I thought InDesign does remember the %-value - it does not.)
    Tried. I can't see where.
    Aside from that scale thing, additionally, next to this box icon in the transform panel , there should be also the choice "Transform Origin". One should be able to numerically rotate/shear/scale around that freely positionable origin, too, not only interactively.
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    Pixlers reacted to Tupaia in Am I missing it? Numeric Scale?..   
    Any update on that numeric 'Scale' input field (both width & height)? It's still missing.
    One example case: for my architectural layout work, I often need a way to display plans in their original scale, or fractions/multiples of it. Once a plan has been scaled, how would I go back to the original size?
    -> see the mockup of how the transform panel could look like.
    And please also think about adding a switch for the Transform Origin - if it is turned on, numeric rotation/scale/shearing would take place around the Origin (not only center/corners).
    Thanks a lot!

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    Pixlers reacted to Tupaia in Selection improvements   
    Regarding 2), de-selecting nodes:
    I just found out that for this works with the right mouse button! So far, so good, but the procedure is unsatisfactory yet, because one has to:
    - click-hold the left mouse button, THEN the right mouse button (in that order, because otherwise the context menu would pop up)
    - draw the selection marquee
    - release the left mouse button, THEN the right mouse button
    Is this documented anywhere? Can't seem to find it. However, it's just too fumbly, especially with a Wacom pen. Feels like a makeshift solution.
    Same goes for 3), that (very handy) auto-intersect-select feature.
    Look like in V1.7 there will be a lot of nice new features - maybe you will even bring better/simpler shortcuts for this.
    Thanks for reading!
    Best regards
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    Pixlers reacted to Tupaia in Selection improvements   
    Apologies if this has been discussed before...
    When working with many overlapping objects, the current selection engine shows it's weaknesses, so:
    For the Move and Node tool, there should be modifier keys to:
    always and reliably ADD to the selection, maybe SHIFT,
    always and reliably SUBTRACT from the selected obejcts or nodes, like CTRL,
    and one to INVERT what is selected, like CTRL-SHIFT.
    I just discovered that there is no way to SUBTRACT nodes from a selection of nodes. That's a no-go!
    Besides 2d vector programs I also work with numerous CAD and 3D programs also, and the aforementioned system has proven to be the cleares and most efficient. You might take my word for it.
    For the Node tool, there should be a modifier key to select ALL nodes in the object, maybe by double-LMB-clicking on a node,
    and maybe the same modifier key to de-select all nodes of the object, without de-selecting everything else, too.
    It's very handy to be able to 'mix' a selection of single nodes and whole objects (by just selecting all their nodes)!
    The option "Select object when intersects with selection marquee" works automatically when you LMB-drag over the object(s), and then additionally hold-release the RMB.
    This has been asked a year ago - can you please change this, so that no 2 mouse buttons need to be pressed at once? That's just not handy, especially if one works with a Wacom pen instead of a mouse.
    The ALT key could simply be used when drawing the marquee, or, like in other programs, the drawing direction of the marquee (from right to left or left to right) could make the difference.
    Curve segments should be selectable! (a segment the part of a curve between two nodes)
    The simple version would be, if some modifier key is pressed (maybe ALT) and a segment is clicked, it's two neighbouring nodes are selected.
    If SHIFT and CTRL would work as selection-add or -subtract, more segments could be added to or subtracted from the node selection.
    The fancy verison would be that segments are actual, selectable, movable components of the object. 3ds Max for example has this concept implemented.
    I'd be fine with the node selection version, though. =)
    Please don't repeat the big mistake that Adobe Illustrator makes, having a crappy, awkward selection engine!
    Best regards
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    Pixlers reacted to Tupaia in My top 10 feature requests   
    Nothing new actually, but here's what I miss the most until now.
    If things already work and I missed them - apologies, and thanks for any tips!
    - To reduce mouse travel, the most important functions of the top toolbar (modes, converts, actions, snaps) should be close to the mouse cursor - in the RMB context menu, and/or on modifier keys.
    Like CTRL-ALT-LMB on a node converts it to 'sharp', but more shortcuts of this kind would be cool.
    - Simpler way to delete nodes. Maybe double-click a node, or ALT-click, whatever. 
    - Keep the curvature of the curve as close as possible when deleting a node (CorelDraw has this).
    It's there I read, but not working in the windows version.
    - Invoke the interactive zoom tool with CTRL-SPACE as well as SPACE-CTRL!
    - Scale pivot!
    - Numeric scale in the transform panel
    - 'Select similar' functionality - select all objects with a shared property like like width, color, ...
    - Curve intersection functionality - snap, trim tool, extend tool
    - Fill areas amidst intersecting curves (like 'Live Paint Bucket' tool in Illustrator)
    - A keyboard shortcut to isolate/solo an object, in addition to ALT-clicking the layer name.
    Thanks a lot for considering!!
    Best regards
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    Pixlers reacted to Tupaia in Affinity Photo - Constrain drawing tools to straight lines   
    +1 for SHIFT-constraining a brush stroke!
    It's one of these nifty little features long-time Photoshop users have their muscle memory trained to...
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    Pixlers reacted to A_B_C in Affinity Photo - Constrain drawing tools to straight lines   
    Yes, this is the actual “request” area, viceverser … as witnessed by the fact that this subforum is called “Feature Requests” …  ;)
    But thank you for adding your voice to this thread. Yes, we need that function … so badly …  :)  ^_^
    Cheers, Alex
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    Pixlers reacted to howaboutsunriseland in Affinity Photo - Constrain drawing tools to straight lines   
    I know this is an old post, but I would really like to have this feature. Show the sketch artists some love?
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    Pixlers reacted to robtmann in Affinity Photo - Constrain drawing tools to straight lines   
    It would make drawing straight lines for design work much easier.
    Holding down Shift Key constrains tool to straight vertical and horizontal lines.
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