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  1. I have found this to be rather dangerous, I originally called an *.afdesign file "That Wan*er" because I was angry when trying to get something finished. Even tho I subsequently changed the name to something more appropriate, the PDF Document title still comes up when opened in Chrome. I don't know how to get rid of it, it's really embarrassing. This field needs to be blank or at least editable in the export section. Please help!
  2. Despite nobody daring to stick out their necks, I can report that this 2GB Asus Geforce GT1030 appears to fully support AP and AD in the hardware acceleration department. Multiple live Gaussian blurs and 30 recolour and pixel layers all render in real time and update immediately on moving around the canvas. Happy bunny. I don't understand why Serif programmers don't monitor these posts, they could learn a lot from their customers. Now, let's get overlays for effects and filter layer masks along with guides that can be seen on blue projects. Thanks Serif, despite a few omissions, your software is fantastic and I tell anyone who'll listen.
  3. Thanks Old Bruce, Nice use of strikethru. Very amusing. It's like trying to get a politician to say yes or no. Q. is Affinity Photo supposed to offload work to the GPU when HW acceleration is enabled? a, YES or b, NO Anyhoo, I'm going to shell out four times the amount I spent on AP on this https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0727WGG3F/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A1RMKK10154812&psc=1 I shall let you know if it does any good. I did install opencl_runtime 2021.3.0.3372 which allowed HW acceleration to run for a minute or two before locking AP, which is an improvement. However, for some reason it took 15 seconds to open the document whereas with openCL turned off it opens in about a second. Ho hum... watch this space
  4. Forget, drivers. Forget manufacturers. Does enabling Hardware acceleration / OpenCL make the program render using the GPU? In Theory. No one is going to sue. Yes or no? I won't whine, or call you names, I just want to know from someone who actually knows what the switch does. (in a perfect universe) Thanks for all the comments so far.
  5. Without anyone committing themselves, it theory does AP use the graphics card when hardware acceleration is switched on or does it not? I'm not asking for any more than a program to run as it's designed to. James Ritson shows a 32bit large file with multiple layers being rendered almost instantaneously when Open CL is enabled. When I enable Open CL, AP immediately falls over. I need someone who works on the program to comment really, not that I don't value everything you've all said so far. Serif have actually said they are having problems with certain manufacturers' drivers, I'd just like to know which ones they are so I can avoid them... even if that list does change tomorrow, at least I've got a chance today.
  6. Thanks for that, yes I had to disable hardware acceleration after an update some months ago when they claimed to be offloading work to the GPU. I assumed the onboard graphics just weren’t up to the job, but it’s been suggested that some manufacturers drivers are to blame. As you say, a leap in the dark. Might be a monumental waste of money. Surely someone at Serif could tell me which manufacturers to avoid at least. Please?
  7. Thank you Lee for your reply. I'm not feeling like I have an answer. I'm not a gamer so don't need anything special but the question remains, will a graphics card improve the rendering time on a multiple layer project or not? Don't have money to waste if it's not going to help. Plus because of all those bitcoin miners out there, a decent GPU is hard to come by and far more expensive than it needs to be. Thanks again, Steve
  8. Hi, Loving AP and Designer but having troubles with speed. I have a 3.7Ghz i5, 6 core processor and plenty of Ram but now I'm doing projects with loads of layers, the stack is taking a long time to render. I don't currently have a separate graphics card and have been relying on the 'on board' one on my Asus Mobo. I keep trawling the web for specifics regarding specs needed to speed the rendering up significantly but info is sketchy at best. So, will getting a card help? Or is all the rendering done using the CPU? If a card will indeed help, I'm assuming I don't need hundreds of pounds worth of gaming kit? Been looking at a Geforce 1050 which has 4GB of RAM but do I need that much? Would something with 2GB be adequate provided it supports DX10 or higher? Someone help as my old 2010 desktop mac renders the same stack twice as fast as my bang up-to-date PC Thanks, Steve PS are you ever going to give us colour change guides?
  9. Hi chaps etc, Yes, the first time I've come to do an HDR stack and boom, No option to use current open files. Do I really have to save off and reopen from that dialog? I see this was asked for in 2019. Seems like a small thing given the incredible power of this software. This and control over the colour of the guides, please Serif. Steve
  10. Ooh, you're good! Yes, disabled HE and had a play for 20 mins without any nastiness. Thank you. I'm assuming acceleration not suitable for on board graphics! I'll see if same happening in Designer. Thanks again
  11. I'll give it a go. I tried redownloading and repairing now running a sfc to check the OS. Thanks, I'll let you know
  12. v is crashing a lot guys. Mostly noticed when using clone, patch or simply erasing. Resizing an object too. Much less stable now. Having to save after pretty much every step as I don't know when it's going to lock up. Occasionally it recovers the files on reopening, mostly it doesn't and the program simply disappears from screen. Using Windows 10 (build 19041.804) Intel i5 9600k on board Intel UHD Graphics 630 (Coffee Lake-S GT2)- and 16GB DDR4-2666 / PC4-21300 DDR4 SDRAM UDIMM Previous version was stable. This is pretty unusable and doesn't seem to be generating any crash report files
  13. Hi, I was hoping this would have been addressed in 1.9.0 but alas no. When you only have a single document open, there is no bar or tab above with a close X on it like there is when there's two or more up. Have to go to a menu to close the final document or use Cmd + W. It's a small thing but annoying and a pretty basic need. It is fine on the Windows version but not the mac. As I don't see anybody else with this gripe, could it be a failing of the OS I'm running High Sierra 10.13.6? (need a new mac to go higher) Thanks Steve
  14. I guess there's going to be a few little anomalies. The dropper tool has shrunk to a teeny weeny little thing and only rearranging the tools fixes it! Both Photo and Designer.
  15. ...and if you are working at a colour change for the guides, can I suggest you make it possible to remove a guide by dragging it out of the current view rather than having to zoom out and pull it off the side of the document altogether? I know about the guide manager but that’s an even clunkier method. Still loving the value for money aspect but with a few small tweaks, you’ll have Adobe running for the hills. Go for it!
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