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  1. I know that this has been an ongoing issue, however, I am at a crossroads - renew my Adobe PS/LR subscription or wait it out for Serif to fix the NIK color issue. Simple question to the Affinity Photo for Windows team - are you working to fix the color issue with the NIK plugins - especially Color efex and if so is there a possible eta? If not please tell me and I will renew my Abode subscription as I use NIK Color efex or Silver efex for finishing on 75% of my images. Affinity is a wonderful program, however, for my workflow and image processing NIK has been essential. T
  2. Figured it out For some reason there was no change in the Preferences/ UI/ Background Grey level slider. I tried it on several occasions with no change. I then closed out of Affinity Photo and tried again and the background colour changed. Not sure why but now I am happy.
  3. I want to have a white background behind my images as I process them. I can only find options for a black or a grey background. How do I set it to white. Thanks Bob
  4. How do you take two or more already open image files and load them or layer them into one layers stack? I do not want to have to select the files using browse. Thanks
  5. AF Photo for Windows v Sorry if this has been asked before. I am coming from being a LR/PS user and currently use Capture One and using Affinity Photo in place of PS. A huge frustration and fiddly time waster is the apparent inability of AF to use open image files for panorama stitching, hdr, stacking, etc without having to use the browse to find the image files on their drive, directory, folder and then hope you have the correct ones. I do a substantial number of multi file stacks/blends in my work. In PS there is a script for using open files and is very easy to select t
  6. Here I am in and this same problem still exits. I have had to resort back to PS to do a proper round trip. When Affinity gets their act together I will come back to using Affinity Photo. The insistence on forcing the 'save as' to .aphoto and no option for .tif (not .tiff) and thus requiring an export and then to have to browse for the correct directory is just plain bad and has put me off Affinity. I had hopes that after the beta this would be fixed. Hopefully I didn't flush $49 US. Please Please fix this. Hopefully the Affinity team are reading these posts. Bob
  7. Keith and LoBu As per your suggestion I resized the images to both 50% and 33% and both Color Efex Pro4 and Viveza gave the same results with colors that are much darker with a blue cast. The image also appears flat Bob
  8. When exporting from either LR or Capture One 9 the image that appears in Affinity Photo for WIndows 1.51 has the correct color and appears to have all the adjustments included. However, when using the NIK plugin in Affinity the image colors are much darker and has a blue cast and the image appears flat. I have repeated this with several images with the same results. I have had to return back to PS cc when using NIK as Color Efex and Viveza are basically useless when used in Affinity Photo for Windows. Thanks Bob
  9. Hi This may have been requested previously Please allow an "Add open files" option for each of the New HDR merge, Stack, Focus Merge, Panorama, etc, I can send multiple images from LR or C1 with the intent of creating an HDR, Panorama, etc and the images open correctly in Affinity, however, I cannot find a way to addt all the open images for the HDR, Panorama, etc. Photoshop has this ability. I have to use the browse option which is slow, repetitive and error prone. Thanks Bob
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