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  1. It is a blessing to have people like you I hope I can contribute to someone as much as you thank me very much, I already solved the problem: -) .
  2. wow thank you very much for your good intentions sir, sorry I have the browser in Spanish and I don't know how to change it this is the download section. And on the red arrow it says Unable to download: Virus detection error
  3. hello, yes i downloaded it with chrome and edge but the pc says it is a virus. I suppose that it is my computer's thing, I would have to force the download in some way
  4. V-kyr Thank you very much for your kindness and your answers unfortunately it cannot be downloaded but I appreciate the gesture :-).
  5. A few months ago I downloaded an affinity file "ezekiel" which inspired me to make a design. I wanted to examine it again but I realized that it is no longer in the affinity start window .. does anyone have a direct link? Best regards Luis Simon
  6. HI @SPaceBar thanks for answering here I leave you a video after freezing the windows of the affinity studios are hanging on the screen I have to give ctrl + alt + delete to delete them, I will leave you an attached image. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the help
  7. Affinity designer that fails when I use moves inside (ctrl + alt + g) when I have 2 or more graphic elements selected. How can I solve that? the program is not responding and i have to close it forcibly with windows task manager i have a raizen 7 2600/16 gb ram / ssd do i need something more powerful?
  8. Hello, no, I was 100% able to solve the problem by closing the file and reopening it, I do not understand what happened but I can now work calmly Thanks for your feedback.
  9. Hello community !, I have a small problem that I cannot solve, I am trying to use a brush but this throws a transparency that I cannot remove ... I have everything at 100% opacity by changing the brushes entering their configuration but I see everything is normal I get the glitch, if anyone can help me I would be deeply grateful .. Sorry my bad english
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