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  1. @MaxClass & @Hangman Notes & Numbers appears to have the highlighted text on macOS 11.4 but when I checked Publisher on lots of versions and Designer on 1.10.1 it doesn't. I then looked at Designer 1.10.1 on macOS 10.12.6 and it's highlighted. It seems to be relevant to the OS but does not affect all apps on the OS universally. If that makes sense. I will gather up the OS's that are seeing this issue and get it logged.
  2. Hi @kwaku Thanks for the file. I've been unable to reproduce this on my iMac (Retina 5K, 27 inch, 2019) Big Sur or my iMac (27-inch, late 2017) Sierra. Could you perhaps take a screenshot of the Performance Preferences on your iMac please? Go to Affinity Designer > Preferences > Performance
  3. Hi @Airton Would you be able to upload an example file or a video so that I can see the issue you are experiencing?
  4. Hi @Amiico Welcome to the Affinity forums! It might be worth checking to see if you have any of this 3rd party software installed as it can cause conflicts.
  5. Hi @Derrick Phillips I've seen this behaviour before but am not able to reproduce it today. Can I ask what iPad you are using and also which version of the app please?
  6. Hi @konstantnnn I've just tried to reproduce this and I only get an entry each time I effectively let go of the slider. So if I have to move 3 sliders to make a colour change I will have 3 entries into history. Are you seeing multiple entries for each slider? Which version of the app are you running?
  7. HI @tokai Sorry to hear you are experiencing this. We haven't been able to reproduce this here so it's not an easy one to track down. Sometimes these things can be based on a prerequisite that needs to be present for it to happen. Could you tell me if you bought your app from the Mac App Store or the Affinity Store and what OS you are using please?
  8. HI @WaveF I've tried to recreate this on both macOS 10.12.6 & 11.4 and the linked document was still at 50% when reopened. Is there a specific number of linked images you need? Or maybe a specific file type? I tried a PNG on one and a JPEG on the other.
  9. @BRlombardi Are you using a mouse? Is it possible that a graphics tablet is interfering, even if it's not switched on and in use?
  10. Hi @BRlombardi So that I can try to replicate this can you answer the following please? Is this only an issue for you with Designer & Publisher? Are you having the same problem with other apps? Can you also tell me what version of Designer & Publisher you are using and what version of Windows os? Would you be able to upload a video of this happening so I can take a look?
  11. Hi @evtonic3 Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. This issue has been reported before so I will update it with the information from your document and send it to the development team.
  12. Thanks for the extra info @malayali As @Old Bruce said, it is a known issue. I am updating the issue report to include your document to give it a bit of a bump. In the meantime, you'll need to go in a delete the additional nodes.
  13. Hi @abra100pro I haven't been able to reproduce your issue. This issue has already been logged so I have added your details to the bug. I'm going to message you with your document.
  14. Hi @MaxClass No problem, I just wanted to check before I confused things with what I was seeing. Thanks @Hangman I will check this on my Sierra iMac.
  15. Hi @BIG HEAVY Is your issue happening when starting new designs, rather than when opening opening older files? If so I will separate the posts as they may go in different directions.
  16. Thanks for checking. I will get someone to have a look at the crash log.
  17. Thanks for the document @abra100pro I haven't been able to reproduce the crash on my iMac on macOS 11.4 using Designer 1.10.1. I did notice that I had missing fonts and I'm wondering if that could be why it didn't happen. The warning notifications says: Document Contains Missing Fonts Aldrich Open Sans Open Sans Might be worth uninstalling the font / fonts to see if this helps. You can always install again if there is no change.
  18. Hi @Dietmar I've just tried this on my own iMac with macOS 10.12.6 on both Designer 1.10.0 and 1.10.1 using OCRB, it was slow to export but it managed to do it. It might be worth uninstalling the font and downloading it again from a different source to see if the works better.
  19. Hi @abra100pro Sorry to hear you have been experiencing crashing. I've created a dropbox folder for you here. If you could upload your document, I'll see if I can recreate the crash. 👍
  20. Hi @MaxClass Did you mean to say Publisher or Designer? Just checking as this is the Designer forum and I've looked back at earlier versions of Publisher and I've been unable to see this option already selected.
  21. Hi @Filip H. Welcome to the forums! Could you upload your document here so I can take a look please?
  22. HI @avo I have half reproduce this in that I can use the corner tool on one corner of my half-circle but I can't get anything on the other one. The tool is working fine on squares and triangles but I'm not having much luck on my half circle. How did you make your half-circle? I drew a circle, added a rectangle over it and used Subtract or Divide. This leaves me only able to modify one corner.
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