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  1. cheshiredesigner

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Yay! Just ordered this so I have a deadline to finish the excellent Designer Work Book too!
  2. cheshiredesigner

    Drawing Ferdinand (2017)

    Hi, Great character with a lot of personality and I really like the brush work and colouring.
  3. cheshiredesigner

    Some paintings of mine

    Wow!! Amazing...makes me realise how much studying I still have to do! thanks for posting them!
  4. cheshiredesigner

    switching colours shortcut x doesn't alter selected object

    Hi Meb, Yes it was set correctly but resetting it worked. Thanks for the help, I'm enjoying having some time to learn Affinity Designer a bit more in-depth at the moment!
  5. Hi Ive just noticed that when clicking the double headed arrow in the colours or swatch palette the selected object also gets changed but when I use the keyboard shortcut X it changes it in the palette but not on the selected object? thanks Gary PS - currently going through the Work book and really enjoying it but on p104 it says this shortcut os is shift + X which doesn't do anything.
  6. cheshiredesigner

    switching colours shortcut x doesn't alter selected object

    Thanks for the quick response Chris...makes sense but Shift and X doesn't seem to do anything on my Mac...version 1.5.5? Any ideas?
  7. cheshiredesigner

    1.4.1 updates out now

    Wow! Just checked my apple updates and theres a 1.4.1 update! Loving all these features you're adding...thank you!
  8. cheshiredesigner

    Keeping colour selected with tools

    Thanks ABC, thats good to know...actually turns out I hadn't noticed a tick box that called use fill! Still got to get my old Illustrator habits out of my system!
  9. This is driving me nuts and I know it will be something that I am doing wrong but when I select the pen and choose a colour, I draw a shape, then I start a new shape the colour I chose originally vanishes. How do I make the colour stay in the swatch? I hope that makes sense?? This is using Affinity Designer. thanks in advance...
  10. Great post, I'm a big fan of Nina Simone and love the textures you have used here.
  11. cheshiredesigner

    Cake Logo

    Really nice branding, great retro style and colours- works really well and the bacon sandwich cake is fantastic! Good luck to your sister.
  12. cheshiredesigner

    Export to SVG sprite

    Hi That's a great article...Sorry I have no answers here but good luck with making sprite sheets with SVG. I tried in my recent website update for the social media icons but ended up using a png. They looked fine in all my browsers until I tested it on a windows phone and the placement was all off. Granted, I still have a lot to learn about SVG's but not sure Windows mobile and IE 11 or less support is great for more than the basics. PS I'd mentioned about the style attribute in the past, not a massive deal but would be great if you had some options in the SVG export.
  13. cheshiredesigner

    1.4.1 updates out now

    Amazing list of additions to both Photo and Designer. Thanks for all the hard work!! Hope you all have a great Christmas and have a well deserved break!
  14. cheshiredesigner


    Yes, really nice. I thought it was a 3D render! Well done!
  15. cheshiredesigner


    Hi, it was worth the craziness- the feather boa looks great!
  16. cheshiredesigner

    Pop up Banner design

    Hi George, the banners look great! Eye-catching images and a large bold header without lots of text. should do the job perfectly-hope it goes well! Gary
  17. cheshiredesigner

    American Diner Show cover

    Hi everyone, Cover for Summer School Show. Hand drawn basic outline then scanned and bought into Affinity Design to Trace. This is the first actual project I've done in AD and really like the workflow (once I got used to certain ways of working). Looking forward to playing around a bit now this done.
  18. cheshiredesigner

    American Diner Show cover

    Thanks all for the brilliant comments and sorry for the delay in responding, I hadn't to see if anyone else had responded!
  19. Hi just wondered if this was a bug but when I used Select All, it selects items on layers that are locked too? I would have thought that it should only select unlocked items?
  20. Ah ok, thanks for letting me know Meb
  21. actually it seems that if i lock a layer, it doesn't lock layers that are nested under it (child layers)?
  22. Would be useful to have this option for when using CSS to alter SVG in websites so we don't have to edit the code or use !important. (such as the bold bit in this sample) <path d="M1082.7…………86,320.174C1080.46,339.061 1082.76,370.645 1082.76,414.882L1082.76,727.84Z" style="fill:black;fill-rule:nonzero;"/>
  23. cheshiredesigner

    SVG export without styles?

    Hi Leigh Aah!! I always forget about the !important tag!!! thanks for the help (and calling it inline CSS-much more succinct than my long-winded explanation!), I'll put in a feature request.
  24. Hi, I've just been experimenting with exporting to SVG and importing the code into HTML so I can restyle with CSS but after trying a few options (not all of them...) it seems every path has a style already set which overrides my CSS style sheet. Is there a way to export without the style tags so I don't have to go through and delete them? Heres an example of what I mean: its the bold bit that I have to delete for every path. <path d="M1082.76,727.84L1002.6,727.84L1002.6,414.882C1002.6,378.12 1000.31,350.549 995.71,332.178C991.114,313.79 980.222,297.89 963.039,284.44C945.843,270.999 926.018,264.265 903.56,264.265C862.376,264.265 827.905,281.12 800.172,314.815C772.43,348.511 758.564,393.607 758.564,450.107L758.564,727.84L678.414,727.84L678.414,30.9654L758.564,30.9654L758.564,307.161C794.98,234.328 847.06,197.899 914.793,197.899C945.08,197.899 972.051,203.861 995.71,215.774C1019.36,227.686 1037.48,243.345 1050.08,262.745C1062.67,282.145 1071.27,301.286 1075.86,320.174C1080.46,339.061 1082.76,370.645 1082.76,414.882L1082.76,727.84Z" style="fill:black;fill-rule:nonzero;"/> thanks Gary
  25. cheshiredesigner

    American Diner Show cover

    Thanks for the kind comments Peter and you are right, the lettering with perspective was a challenge for me and has made me pick up a book on lettering and calligraphy (not easybeen left handed!) to help improve.

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