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  1. Yay! Just ordered this so I have a deadline to finish the excellent Designer Work Book too!
  2. Hi, Great character with a lot of personality and I really like the brush work and colouring.
  3. Wow!! Amazing...makes me realise how much studying I still have to do! thanks for posting them!
  4. Wow! Just checked my apple updates and theres a 1.4.1 update! Loving all these features you're adding...thank you!
  5. Thanks ABC, thats good to know...actually turns out I hadn't noticed a tick box that called use fill! Still got to get my old Illustrator habits out of my system!
  6. Great post, I'm a big fan of Nina Simone and love the textures you have used here.
  7. Really nice branding, great retro style and colours- works really well and the bacon sandwich cake is fantastic! Good luck to your sister.
  8. Hi That's a great article...Sorry I have no answers here but good luck with making sprite sheets with SVG. I tried in my recent website update for the social media icons but ended up using a png. They looked fine in all my browsers until I tested it on a windows phone and the placement was all off. Granted, I still have a lot to learn about SVG's but not sure Windows mobile and IE 11 or less support is great for more than the basics. PS I'd mentioned about the style attribute in the past, not a massive deal but would be great if you had some options in the SVG export.
  9. This is driving me nuts and I know it will be something that I am doing wrong but when I select the pen and choose a colour, I draw a shape, then I start a new shape the colour I chose originally vanishes. How do I make the colour stay in the swatch? I hope that makes sense?? This is using Affinity Designer. thanks in advance...
  10. Amazing list of additions to both Photo and Designer. Thanks for all the hard work!! Hope you all have a great Christmas and have a well deserved break!
  11. Yes, really nice. I thought it was a 3D render! Well done!
  12. Hi, it was worth the craziness- the feather boa looks great!
  13. Hi George, the banners look great! Eye-catching images and a large bold header without lots of text. should do the job perfectly-hope it goes well! Gary
  14. Thanks all for the brilliant comments and sorry for the delay in responding, I hadn't to see if anyone else had responded!
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