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  1. Hi. Thank you for the help, I do appreciate it. At this point I pretty much give up. This program has been basically unusable forcing me to use alternative software just to get my work done. This is a bit ridiculous. There is nothing wrong with my computer. Everything else is working 100% correctly. NO issues. I start up AD and the system just crumbles. I KNOW it is AD because when I use the Beta it starts a little quicker but still not how it used to be. There are no other issues with any other software. The problem is with Affinity Designer.
  2. Hello I tried going with NexusFont and it did find a few duplicates. I removed the fonts I had installed recently, there were only 3 of them, but the problem persists. In fact after I restarted my machine, I started AD it started relatively quickly. The 2nd time was a nightmare. 10 - 15 minutes for the application to start up. When i looked in Task Manager, I saw 100% Disk Usage and that AD was using 4.8GB of RAM. Even when it opened it sat on 5GB RAM with no files open. Being my machine only has 8GB it brought it to a crawl and I had to restart. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the application with no difference.
  3. Hi Callum Thanks for the reply, as a matter of fact I have! Could this be the problem? I did try re-install Designer but the same thing. Is there a way to check which fonts may be causing the issue? I have a lot as you can imagine so am not sure how to proceed. Thank you for the help!
  4. Hello This problem started about a week ago and I am not sure why. I have not changed any settings or made any changes I am aware of that could have caused this. Before it would normally only take about 30 seconds to start, now it is taking 3- 5 minutes, just for the application to open. I am not sure which error logs I should check if any so any help would be appreciated. I am using: Window 10 8GB RAM i3 CPU Affinity Designer Thank you!
  5. Jyscal

    Won't Install On Windows 10

    It worked! Wow, thanks Next time I'll make sure I actually get the full file. Thanks for the help.
  6. Jyscal

    Won't Install On Windows 10

    Thank you very much the help. I will try again and let you know how it goes!
  7. Hi I have Designer installed on my main pc at home as well as the Beta 1.7.2-424 without any issues. I also have Designer installed on my laptop, but when I try to install the Beta 1.7.2-424 on my laptop I get the error: This app can't run on your PC. To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher. My laptop is i3 8GB RAM Intel HD 6000 Windows 10 Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Was the Knife tool seriously placed on the roadmap 5 years ago and still nothing? That's quite astounding. Not trying to be rude, but wow.