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  1. These excuses hold no water. 6 YEARS. I am most certainly not the only one asking for this. I am also basically positive that a simple Knife tool was asked for, many years before any of the other requested features that have now been implemented. If that's the way things are prioritized then wow. Don't get me wrong. Designer and Photo are outstanding products for the price but after a long time of following the software and seeing nothing happen I have to stand by my statement of money is best spent elsewhere.
  2. ""They're not ignored, from what the Serif Staff have said. They're read, and factored into their plans. But generally Serif won't comment on feature requests."" Having your paying user base BEG, for a simple feature for the past 6 years while you implement features nobody asked for or even wants, is ridiculous. The point is, if I knew then what I know now. Not a chance in hell, I would give this company my money, I dont care how low the price is.
  3. This is absolutely insane there is no knife tool after how many years of people continuosly asking for such a simple thing. But at least we have 8 ways to make a corner and the 0.0001% of users can use Photo for Astrophotography. Absolutely ridiculous.
  4. I think that would be the easiest way as well. Thank you for the advice!
  5. Hello. I was wondering if anyone could possibly help me with getting my text to flow smoothly from big to small. I think Tapered is the correct term, forgive me if I am mistaken. I have text along a path that I would like to start big and then finish off small. Currently I am just changing the size of each word in the sentence, but it does not look like it flows smoothly. The only other way I can think of is to set the size of each letter individually, but was just wondering if there is possibly an easier / faster way. Thank you for any help!
  6. Hello I hope it is okay if I post this question as I am not sure where else I could find out. While I was cleaning my keyboard this morning I must have pushed a combination of buttons because a vertical bar came up with Raster/Vector tabs on either side if it. What is this exactly? I have tried to look through the AD help file but it is kind of difficult when I do not even know what I am looking for Could someone please explain to me what this if possible or how do I get it back so i can see what it is all about? I apologize if this is over simplistic. Thank you so much for any help!
  7. Hi, Sorry only saw your response now as well I will certainly have to have a look at what the problem is exactly, and as you said removing the fonts and seeing what happens. Just on a side note. I have downloaded and am now using the new Beta that was released and it works perfectly. Loads up in less than a minute, no lag when editing. I am not sure why the other program is acting up. I have Illustrator as well, and it loads in less than a minute and works perfectly. So did the AD Beta prior to the one just released. At least I have a usable program again so I'm happy Thank you so much for patience and assistance in this regard. I really do appreciate it and if I can return the favor one day I certainly will! Take care.
  8. Hi. Thank you for the help, I do appreciate it. At this point I pretty much give up. This program has been basically unusable forcing me to use alternative software just to get my work done. This is a bit ridiculous. There is nothing wrong with my computer. Everything else is working 100% correctly. NO issues. I start up AD and the system just crumbles. I KNOW it is AD because when I use the Beta it starts a little quicker but still not how it used to be. There are no other issues with any other software. The problem is with Affinity Designer.
  9. Hello I tried going with NexusFont and it did find a few duplicates. I removed the fonts I had installed recently, there were only 3 of them, but the problem persists. In fact after I restarted my machine, I started AD it started relatively quickly. The 2nd time was a nightmare. 10 - 15 minutes for the application to start up. When i looked in Task Manager, I saw 100% Disk Usage and that AD was using 4.8GB of RAM. Even when it opened it sat on 5GB RAM with no files open. Being my machine only has 8GB it brought it to a crawl and I had to restart. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the application with no difference.
  10. Hi Callum Thanks for the reply, as a matter of fact I have! Could this be the problem? I did try re-install Designer but the same thing. Is there a way to check which fonts may be causing the issue? I have a lot as you can imagine so am not sure how to proceed. Thank you for the help!
  11. Hello This problem started about a week ago and I am not sure why. I have not changed any settings or made any changes I am aware of that could have caused this. Before it would normally only take about 30 seconds to start, now it is taking 3- 5 minutes, just for the application to open. I am not sure which error logs I should check if any so any help would be appreciated. I am using: Window 10 8GB RAM i3 CPU Affinity Designer Thank you!
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