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  1. Wow thanks mate! My advice is just try to dedicate some time to it and play around with Designer's tools and options, which are surprisingly great! From my experience: surf the internet, see how people are doing things and try to mimic them to improve your technical skills. Then it's just turning your own ideas into projects :) Thanks a lot! Definitely going to upload more ;)
  2. Hi there! I just wanted to share my illustration "series". It's basically composed by a few movie (faceless) characters, which are pretty recognizable. There are more to come, I hope you like it!
  3. Thanks mate! Wow, thanks for the multiple compliments! I appreciate that a lot, it's a morale booster haha :D So I'll try to explain how I got the metal effect: just add some background layers for darker shades (gradients of 2 or 3 different grays look great) and then add brighter (white, light gray) shapes for the shiny effect. The trick is to add a gaussian blur effect on the latter, so the colors display in a smooth, realistic metal effect. So basically it was made using the following tools: pen, gradient, transparency (to make it even smoother) and layer fx, nothing else. I know it seems a bit confusing but after all it isn't, it's just a matter of patience and getting the right gradients/shades in the right place.
  4. Thank you very much for your reply and your advise! Definitely looking forward to improve every day :)
  5. Hey! This is my first upload here, I just wanted to share a grayscale illustration of the beautiful skater Leticia Bufoni. 100% made in Affinity Designer, awesome software! I hope you like it! :D
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