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    idraw got a reaction from safran64 in Arrowheads please. . .   
    I am astounded at how complex features are added on month after month, and there are no arrowheads. There is something weird about this, did someone in the management once make a (drunk) bet that s/he would make an Illustrator competitor without arrowheads?
    I am a scientist and there is no way that I can regularly use a vector graphics program in my work, if it does not have arrowheads. Given the apparent attitude of the developers towards this topic, I come to this forum, actually this particular post, to only learn lessons about sociology (wow, the aggression of people with nothing at stake in this discussion, railing at users asking for a standard feature).
    I loved the program when it came out, have never used it for anything useful, and it looks like that's how it's going to remain. A waste of my money and time.
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    idraw reacted to bpedit in Arrowheads please. . .   
    Ouch! I'm not sure that fighting "disrespect" with disrespect is the best approach. It's certainly not the tone taken by most form users here.
    MRC MBU:
    It's a good idea to read an entire thread before responding. The "roadmap" hasn't been updated since April but we've been apprised of arrowheads' future in this thread.
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    idraw reacted to ronniemcbride in Arrowheads please. . .   
    I can't wait til you guys over at Affinity are able to implement the most bad-ass arrow  tool, so this thread can die already. I mean this thing better not only point, but it better be so dynamic when people use it they can't help but to cry because it so damn beautiful!
    I want Tony to deliver a Keynote address in Steve Jobs attire. I would like  Tony to tell use this arrow tool is the "best one yet" I want him to tell us how amazing it is and how the competitors can't touch Affinity's proprietory arrow creation technology. When Tony unveils the demo I want to see white doves let out into the ski and confetti dropping from the heavens!
    When everyone salivating and crying, hit them with the 5 dollar price hike for the arrow tool plugin it only seems right (says the guy waiting 4-5 weeks for his apple pencil) They will bitch and moan, but they will buy and like it. lol
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    idraw got a reaction from Janne in Arrowheads please. . .   
    I am somewhat surprised that adding arrowheads to curves is not even on the feature roadmap. Is that an oversight, or a deliberate decision?
    Could one of the staff members comment on this please?
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    idraw got a reaction from Janne in Arrowheads please. . .   
    It is really frustrating not having a way to add arrowheads; please please add this soon that so that I can move my workflow to Affinity.
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    idraw reacted to Jakerlund in Photo Stitching / Panoramas   
    A tip if you're looking for a pano stich program.
    HUGIN free and from what i've heard very good... personally i use PTGui.
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    idraw reacted to cowboydoug in Photo Stitching / Panoramas   
    This topic seems to have gone idle... I thought I would make this my 1st post and kick the tires on the topic to see where it has gone since the last post. Anywhere? I like what PS offers for panoramas and I am thrilled with what I have seen from Affinty so far. Has there been any progress on this?
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    idraw reacted to MEB in Photo Stitching / Panoramas   
    Hello Becky C,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums.
    Thanks for your suggestion. I don't believe photo-stitching (panoramas) will be considered for Affinity Designer, but it's certainly a great match for the upcoming Affinity Photo (eventually as a new persona).
    Glad you're enjoying Affinity Designer :)
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    idraw reacted to Becky C in Photo Stitching / Panoramas   
    Hello Awesome Folks at Affinity!
    It makes me so happy to have your software available to Mac users! 
    Will you all be adding a photo-stitching upgrade for Affinity?  It would certainly be nice :)
    Thanks so much for your work on this great product!
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    idraw reacted to ApplicationError in Arrowheads please. . .   
    Knock Knock. Who's there? Arrow Head. Arrow Head who? Arrow Head in Affinity Designer.
    Um... is this coming anytime soon? :)
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    idraw reacted to MattP in Arrowheads please. . .   
    It is going to be added as I know it's on a lot of users' wish lists, but so are a large number of other things that can't be worked around, so these are currently a higher priority, being realistic. :(  I am hoping to start adding arrowheads in about 3 months time.
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    idraw reacted to bpedit in Arrowheads please. . .   
    Thank you, Matt. Maybe we'll lay low for three months. Then, probably, we'll all come back here and whine some more.
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    idraw reacted to MattP in Arrowheads please. . .   
    Haha, no your explanation was just fine - but the doodle helped ;)
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    idraw reacted to AshTeriyaki in Arrowheads please. . .   
    Just a random thought. As this feature is not yet underway (Personally, I'm not bothered too much about it) could you allow the resulting arrow head to slide along the length of a bezier path ensuring the tip is oriented to the direction of the nearest node. Mix this with the ability to add multiple heads, you could come up with some really funky stuff. See B
    You could also add this as generic functionality, Snapping oriented objects to nodes. See C
    If you're going to do it, might as well make it best in class ;)
    I've attached a rough doodle, in case my explanation is crap.

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    idraw reacted to JDW in Affinity Designer feature roadmap   
    You obviously haven't tried Japanese. Compare Optical kerning in Illustrator on Japanese (with full width roman characters mixed in) with the kerning of AD. There is room for kerning improvement in AD, definitely.
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    idraw reacted to JDW in Affinity Designer feature roadmap   
    There are some who mistake "positive zeal" and "enthusiasm" for "impatience."  I myself have not read every post in these forums, but I have read a lot and among those I have read, I've not read any which say "If you don't give me X, Y, Z in 24 hours I am abandoning Affinity apps forever."  That, to me, would be "impatience worth chastising."  But the entire purpose of this thread is to explain what Serif has in store for the future, and it is an open forum where users (and would-be users) can post their constructive feedback as well.
    So if you are a lurker in these forums but have positive ideas to contribute, don't hold back thinking your ideas aren't worth posting.  So long as you keep it positive, a well thought out contribution is an important contribution indeed.
    And thanks, Serif, for your great apps, and for showing us how much greater you plan for them to be over time.  You folks are a developer I wish to support and continue supporting!
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    idraw reacted to JoRy in HDR Sequence batch processor   
    I would also be happy to HDR merging and aligning option / addon. Followed by panorama. I understand if it's not for free but rather soon.
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    idraw reacted to focusedbynoah in Photo Merging   
    Please add ability to merge photos. both HDR and multi row panorama!  RAW file output for them if possible.
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    idraw reacted to saj78 in Merge photos / Panorama   
    I would like to have the feature for merging photos and creating panorama in the future.
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    idraw reacted to Titus Tears in Arrowheads please. . .   
    Yes this is very important and will make life a lot easier… create a range of end caps.
    both sides of the rule /line segment.
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    idraw reacted to bpedit in Arrowheads please. . .   
    Wow! Affinity Designer looks very good from the git-go. It's fast, well organized and pleasant to use. The text handling has some excellent features already. Scrolling through the font menu and watching selected text change live, quite a treat. 
    The main addition it needs for me to replace AI is arrowheads. I don't need a lot of useless style options such as Adobe offers, just filled triangles that have some adjustment options.
        •  placeable on beziers as well as straight lines
        •  auto scale to line thickness
        •  user adjustable scale acting on default size  (+% and -%, i.e.)
        •  user adjustable head angle (again, maybe relative to default)
    And maybe, if not too much trouble:
        •  an option to have arrowhead extend line OR
               have the line shorten to place the arrow tip at the end of the original segment.
    Thanks for listening,
    [edit] P.S. Another discussion of arrowheads suggests ability to round corners. Not strictly necessary for me but nice. Acts on all three corners, maybe adjustable as a proportion of the arrowhead's size.
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    idraw reacted to TonyB in Affinity Designer feature roadmap   
    Please find below the current feature roadmap for Affinity Designer. The list is a selection of features from our own internal roadmap we would like to share with our users. If a feature you would like isn't on the list then feel free to create a new post so everyone can discuss it. We read all the feature suggestions and consider each one very carefully.
    The idea is the list will never get longer. As we complete and release features then we will replace those features with new ones.
    Pro Printing
    -Phase II transparency flattener
    -Bleed area guides
    Illustration & Design
    -Mesh fill tool
    -Mesh warp/distort tool
    -Knife tool
    -Calligraphic line styles
    -Arrow head line styles
    -Export slices previews with actual export data
    -Text features including Bullets and Numbering
    -Knockout groups
    -Multiple Effects/Fills/Strokes per shape
    -Convert Pixel selection to Vector shape
    Please feel free to ask questions about the features on the list but don't post new feature requests in this thread, just create a new thread.
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    idraw reacted to MEB in Draw a spring or wavy line; add arrow to middle of curve.   
    Hi idraw,
    Here's a quick way to draw consistent wavy lines. The same technique can be applied for springs.
    This isn't intended to devalue your request for a precise geometric tool for this kind of needs, which i agree it's quite useful.
    It's just a way to help you solve the problem with the available tools/resources we have at the moment.
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    idraw reacted to Justin in 3D "hollow" effect?   
    We don't have an explicit Up/Down option but you can achieve a recessed appearance to objects as in the example in your link using our existing controls. Try the following:
    Create a large rectangle and give it a colour, not black or white.
    Create some artistic text on top of the rectangle in the same colour, so the text can't be seen.
    Add a Bevel/Emboss effect to the text. The text will appear to stick out. Note that the light source is above and to the left. 
    Change the direction of the light source by 180 degrees, so that the light source is below and to the right. Now the text will appear recessed, even though the only thing that has changed is the direction of the light source!
    I suspect this happens because we are biased to assume things are lit from above. Google "rotating mask optical illusion" for another interesting example of this kind of thing.
      Hope this helps