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    The smell of fresh rain, walks on the beach and romantic sunsets...
    But I will settle for, new cameras, new Mac's and a new dang dog named Spot.
  1. P.S. I caught a brief glimpse of someone mentioning Wacom Cintque... Are the affinity products able to work with Cintque 's?
  2. Howdy MEB, I've done a little search for iOS info, I've checked the FAQ link you provided above too but other than running around in a circle I haven't found anything useful. I'm interested to know if any progress has been made to make Photo available for the iPad Pro and when? Thanks
  3. cowboydoug

    Photo Stitching / Panoramas

    I am a CC subscriber and have been since day one... I also own the Topaz suite and a couple of On1's. All great programs and each has a purpose for me... What I like about Affinty is, the speed and simplicity both products seem to offer and look forward to exploiting them. As for other pano programs... They would have to surpass what PS already brings to the table... At this point I'm still waiting for that. Thanks for your input
  4. cowboydoug

    Photo Stitching / Panoramas

    P.S. I for one WOULD PAY extra for this feature
  5. cowboydoug

    Photo Stitching / Panoramas

    Thanks for the welcome and the feedback gang... I've been shooting digital panos since '99 and had many film panorama cameras prior to that. I have used most pano SW available until PS really pulled it together a few years ago. When I discovered Affinity a few weeks ago I was hopeful I had hit the mother-load. I'm quite impressed with the speed and ease of use and can't wait to play with it. I just sold my 27" iMac 20 minutes ago and waiting for my new one... Ugh... Let the games begin
  6. cowboydoug

    Photo Stitching / Panoramas

    This topic seems to have gone idle... I thought I would make this my 1st post and kick the tires on the topic to see where it has gone since the last post. Anywhere? I like what PS offers for panoramas and I am thrilled with what I have seen from Affinty so far. Has there been any progress on this?

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