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  1. The ability to have text automatically wrap within the boundaries of a shape / close curve. I'm a ex-Photoshop and ex-Illustrator user, having switched almost entirely to Affinity Designer; big fan. Most of the time I create "infographics" to visually communicate business concepts and data points. The ability to have multi-line text automatically wrap within the boundaries of a shape would be amazing - doing this manually is a pain... and unless I'm certain I won't change the size, I avoid doing it manually.
  2. ApplicationError

    Arrowheads please. . .

    Knock Knock. Who's there? Arrow Head. Arrow Head who? Arrow Head in Affinity Designer. Um... is this coming anytime soon? :)
  3. ApplicationError

    arrow heads

    How are we doing on the "arrow head" feature? I'm REALLY missing this feature. Really.
  4. ApplicationError

    Grid mode

    Agreed. This would really improve the usability!
  5. ApplicationError

    Arrowhead follows curve, etc.

    Anything and everything to do with arrows is huge for me. This is a good request for sure!

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