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  1. Hi Meb, Ok, thanks for the answer. I'll add it to the feature requests, since it's a very basic and useful feature. //Janne
  2. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I know the normal way to alt drag to make copies of objects, but what asking for is a change to select only a segment between two points and copy that. I can only choose a whole object with the move tool but can't find a way to select a single line to copy it. I can work around by breaking curves but in that case it's faster to just manually draw the new shapes I want instead of drag-copying them. //Janne
  3. Hi Jack, Pls see my answer and the file above. Thanks for your help! //J
  4. Hi Jack, Thanks for checking this! I'm enclosing the file below. I wrote some notes on the sketch. So far seems hard to make few easy things I need in my work, but I hope to soon find ways to do these things well and effectively. //Janne Tunika sketch.afdesign
  5. Hi, I'm doing sketches on garments and trying to sort out how to easily select and copy a part of a outline. Let's say I want to copy the neckline shape on the garment in the picture below, to add a top stitch around the neck hole but I don't want to re-draw it, I just want a copy of the neckline shape to make a dashed line to illustrate a stitching. ( I have no problem with dash lines, only copying). In illustrator I could easily select single lines on a object and drag a copy of selected lines, but on Affinity I don't know how to do this and it slows down the work a lot.

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