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  1. Done. Thanks! Just tried it again: If I export the whole document, the resulting png file will be smaller than the png file I will get when selecting everything that is visible and performing a "export selection only" (I hope that's the correct english version of "nur Auswahl exportieren"). "Export whole document" produces the result I expect – "export selection only" does not.
  2. You're right, thanks. There are three curves which extend the rectangle and are cut off by it. See image attached. But: I only selected what is visible on the left of my first screenshot and these three curves are in the png but don't show up in the selection. For the second screenshot I explicitly selected these three curves to see their full extent. Weird, but maybe not a real bug ...
  3. The screenshot shows it all: The exported png is much bigger than the selection with lots of empty space – not only in the preview but also in the actual png file. This problem did not exist in 2.1.0
  4. Can't you see how incredibly bad this is for your customers? Their credit cards get charged, they don't get a license and all you have to say is that everything is "fully functional"? I was about to buy a universal V2 license using my credit card today. Of course, having read this, I won't.
  5. I did not and do not think that they are working on it. Let's rephrase my question: Affinity: When will you start to work on this very annoying problem? Is this bug a way of "convincing" the Apple Store users to buy another version through the Affinity Store?
  6. It works. But only for a while (maybe a week or two). Affinity: when will this be fixed? It's very annoying!
  7. This is of course not "outside of the app". The feature to show a good preview of a file in the finder is called "Quick Look": https://developer.apple.com/documentation/quicklook Unfortunately, Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer do not provide this extension and all you get to see is a small png of your photo or designer file in the finder. It's not a bug, but the unwillingness to properly implement a very useful standard feature of Mac OS.
  8. Hi Chris, the CPU is an i5, 3.4GHz, quad core. GPU is 4GB Radeon Pro 570. Kind regards, Thomas
  9. … or a mix of German and English ("Greys, Colours and Gradients"):
  10. Hi, I can't post this image here but you could post a dropbox link for me. Kind regards, Thomas
  11. Hi Chris, you already have the 500MB 16bit panorama file with the zoom problem, don't you? I don't have any other file with this problem, but I can still easily reproduce the problem with this file. With this huge file zoom in will always "hang" when zooming for the first time and with metal compute enabled—sometimes a second, sometimes even longer. Otherwise I see a performance increase with Metal compute enabled (but a decrease in quality, see new thread). Kind regards, Thomas
  12. Hi, Enabling "Metal compute acceleration" reduces the quality of image rendering when using live filters, e.g. the clarity live filter. Here are four screen shots to show the effect. The windows on the left side are without "Metal compute acceleration", the windows one right side have "Metal compute acceleration" enabled. The top screen shots are taken the clarity filter off, the bottom ones with the clarity filter on. The clarity filter was set to 0% (no effect). As you can see the rendering of the image on screen gets blurred with metal compute and the clarity live filter. If you export the image or merge the pixel layer with the liver filter, the result will be ok (no blurr). Please look at the image attached in 100% zoom in order to see the effect. Edit: The image file is RGBA/16. iMac Retina 5k, Mojave 10.14.5, Radeon Pro 570 (4GB), 48GB RAM This bug makes it impossible to judge image quality with live filters. Kind regards, Thomas
  13. Did you read this (I am having the same problems with "Metal Compute")? So it seems that this is "normal" and the "solution" is to turn "Metal Compute" off.
  14. Hey Chris, while this may be a usable temporary fix, it's certainly not a satisfying solution. To quote from your Affinity Photo 1.7.0 announcement: So you say that an iMac 5k (2017), i5 3.4GHz, 24GB RAM, Radeon Pro 570 (this is a "powerful discrete AMD GPU in modern Mac hardware", right?) does not profit from these changes? What kind of Mac hardware would fulfill the promises made in your announcement? Monday morning edit: I beg to differ. Metal compute on my old rusty Quadra 650 iMac Retina 5k speeds up (or should I say "makes them less slow" …?) actions like live filters noticably. Disabling metal compute is therefore not a good solution and it's certainly not the best configuration on my iMac. Kind regards, Thomas
  15. I have tested these three combinations (Sorry for the confusion caused by the fact that I'm using the german user interface):
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