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  1. Change Eye Colour - Affinity Photo Tutorial iPad Pro https://youtu.be/82uQkrSolxU
  2. Sky replacement done right. https://youtu.be/g8cLkcHqp_k
  3. Follow Along: Affinity Photo Tutorial iPad Pro https://youtu.be/C_WI-cODQ0M
  4. Perfect Blending - Affinity Photo Tutorial iPad Pro https://youtu.be/Z7ncNbCKLWk
  5. None Destructive Dodge and Burn - Affinity photo tutorial iPad Pro https://youtu.be/12IYIbzhR2Q
  6. https://youtu.be/NnDxv1Dn6Fs
  7. https://youtu.be/Dj8VGgYy6zc
  8. Bethany Acorn

    Video tutorial requests

    Should have stated, I do Affinity photo tutorials right now.
  9. https://youtu.be/yKyI5XoXmeE
  10. https://youtu.be/q9g-NSvcyhc
  11. https://youtu.be/NErv_pB6x0