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    Nok reacted to Sullyman in Designer: Magic Wand   
    I would like to suggest the inclusion of the magic wand tool inside of designer. I know that certain tools need to be partitioned within different programs to help sell because of the feature set but I’d like to argue that having a pixel persona inside of Designer truly warrants a magic wand for complex selections. 
    I’m an illustrator by trade and one of the most common and simple functions I need to do is, draw a contour for a shape select it’s outter negative space and use that select as a mask for other layers beneath.
    Currently I have to go multiple steps to achieve this simple task by using the bucket fill to fill a duplicated layer of the original contour illustration layer, find any “holes” in the filled version which can be incredibly tedious if there are any pixels that push the fill from reaching edge when the buckets tolerance doesn’t help. 
    I think the idea of including the wand and some minor settings like expanding or contracting the selection would be hugely convenient for Designer users; not a huge fan of eating up system resources with having to open Photo just to create and adjust what is a simple selection need, or having to go through the effort of double saves and imports on the iPad.
    Thanks for any consideration!
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    Nok reacted to walt.farrell in Images linked or embedded?   
    It will never be that small. Once you've put something into the file it will become much bigger. However, when they get linking truly working, it should be much smaller than you see today. There's a preference for that:
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    Nok reacted to OzNate in Images linked or embedded?   
    My feedback to Serif on this is that I would like files to truly link, and the document stores only an optimized thumbnail.
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    Nok reacted to Rylek in Images linked or embedded?   
    good option would be to add in preferences how images user would like to manege - embeded or linked 
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    Nok reacted to Zbigg in Images linked or embedded?   
    Enhancing this productivity thread: Id even say: Drag-and-drop images onto AP window AND /like INDD/ you could then select multiple images AND, holding some control key /CTRL,Shift,Alt/ - align them immediately in even columns/row - see INDD. Linking is priority IMHO. Embedding may have its advantages but it can clogg the app very quickly.
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    Nok reacted to Eugene Tyson in Images linked or embedded?   
    It would be better to have them link automatically, then if editing to choose to do it insitu (prompt for embed).
    Or have embed/link toggle in the toolbar.
    My preference would be to link automatically.
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    Nok reacted to DNA0101 in Unlock or override item from master page   
    I think his wish is to not unlock everything just parts of the page in a document that a master page controls....which would be great to have.
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    Nok reacted to spamjim in Unlock or override item from master page   
    While this is contrary to the concept of a master page, it is a feature in another page layout app, and designers like to break templates all the time... It would be helpful to be able to selectively unlock/override a master page element from an individual page.
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    Nok reacted to iaing in Span Columns   
    Columns in text boxes is good, but option to Span columns, so that a title can span the 2 columns of text it's above, without having to make a separate text box for the title please.
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    Nok reacted to fde101 in foto as link   
    All images are currently embedded in Publisher documents even if they are configured as linked.
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    Nok reacted to walt.farrell in foto as link   
    From the Menu, Document > Resource Manager....

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