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  1. Yes please! I am working with PDF-maps that have a lot of objects on the same layer. Illustrators magic wand tool is the perfect way to sort these objects. Will affinity create something like that tool?
  2. "that a transformation of a picture-frame will not embed the pic"
  3. Aha. This is possible with regards to the straight frame-lines via the Vector-Crop-Tool.
  4. Interesting. Thanks! There it says that some of the placed images ARE linked. Those are the images, of which I did not transform the frames. So I revise my former wish and ask, that a transformation of a picture-frame will not embed the pic.
  5. I see. Thanks for your info! I suggest that both, the current and the suggested option, be included in the future software-setup. It will make working with large image-containing booklets so much easier.
  6. Q1: How can I place foto-files from a source on my Mac onto a page as links? For a 100 page booklet with a total of 500 MB of placed image-files I would like the publisher-file-size to stay manageable. Thus I am hoping for the fotos to be linked, not embedded. While scrolling through the booklet I do not need to see the images in high precision. Q2: I would like to have publisher list all the linked files of the entire document, in order to have an overview and to manage these files. Thanks heaps!
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