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  1. Gabe it was the Place shortcut key I had changed it to Alt + P Don't know what it activates, but once I used it, it turns something on and kills all my hotkeys till I exit the program. 😕 I tried looking in the Task Manager, ended the task on a ton of things..nothing...it's a mystery?? Any way back to producing this book. Many thanks for your input, sanity has been restored. 😉
  2. Seriously you have no problems! Ok then that reduces my suspects 🙄 I am using the version. I know what you mean there is a nefarious app running in the background interfering. How pasting a file would turn it on is a mystery. I will continue to look around for the culprit... likely a spellchecker or clipboard app hmmm?? stay tuned....
  3. Hi I went through my Win 10 keyboard menus, everything is turned off. When I start Publisher the common hotkeys to cut, paste, select all, undo work in my layout. The moment I Place or drag and drop text into a text box those hotkeys do an Insert "" thing as seen in my History screen cap. I have included a test file for someone to try this. Place the file in a layout and tell me if you keys go bonkers (as you Brits say lol) It would be hard to believe but I am willing...that my text file corrupts your program with some garbage. It is a .docx file BUT not from Word. I use Libre Office and my editor proofed it in perhaps Word. To clean it up, with the least amount of grief I also resaved it in Wordpad to strip out the extra code. I am trying to save only my bold and hyperlinks when pasting into the layout. Let me know Dan (from Canada) Carrick Tract info.JG.docx
  4. I am at a loss and wondering if this a bug. So after I start Publisher the standard Hot Keys to Select ALL, Copy and Paste stop working when I am trying to work with text. I can no longer select text or cut and paste using my keyboard. What happens instead is some weird INSERT functions that adds other characters. Have no idea where this is coming from but it's slowing me down driving me nuts. 🥺 Anyone have clues? Dan
  5. Very interesting and informative. I shall have to try and test a few things on my own. Anything to bring down the file size is good news. 😁 Dan
  6. OMG! That it! When you Place the file into Publisher rather then Paste it in, it retains the Hyperlinks. Major victory, I shall have to test this as an PDF output to see if there are any bugs. Last year there were problems... As to whether I overlooked this a year ago or the code has matured...regardless thanks for saving me a ton of time! Dan
  7. Walt thanks for the input. I used every shortcut and hot key combo I could manage to streamline the process. Including a nice app called Ditto. Still it was (and will be again) a momentous task at 300+ links for my eBook. The links I use are already embedded on Wordpress pages. Yet there is no way to copy them into Publisher or via a go between like Word, Libre Office, Google Docs. Nothing is going to work. 😕
  8. I have to add my vote and input to this lack of a Hyperlink import feature. A year ago I made a request and still nothing has changed. I would have thought in this digital age that it is a key feature needed in Publisher. I have hundreds of hyperlinks again for my new book project. It is going to be a long and boring cut and paste for a few days to put those links all back on the book pages. Sure was hoping this time around I could avoid that pain. 😒 I have no idea what it takes to code this in but please spare us all this tedious grind...one day soon! Dan
  9. Hmmm Interesting to know and answers a few reasons why... BUT I am shocked to see my Nikon raw file ballon from 15 MB to 280MB when saved as .afphoto. As stated here and elsewhere unacceptable storage size for multiple edits, as in 100s of pictures. Solutions are needed asap to keep HD space lean. svp
  10. Thanks for the clue as I was starting wonder if it was a bug. My font spacing on both font sets were too spread out. Now I can move on...
  11. I think his wish is to not unlock everything just parts of the page in a document that a master page controls....which would be great to have.
  12. I like this idea and would love to have page elements tied to hyperlink, not just text.
  13. Basically I copy my text from my websites into a text program then copy it into Publisher. I tested a few word doc programs to retain the bold and line formatting with hyperlinks. MS Word or LibreOffice Writer will save the content as seen on the webpage. But as you know layout in those programs is a nightmare. So I am trying to develop a workflow to get my web content in book form with the least amount steps.
  14. Hi Everyone I am new here and first want say I am thrilled to have stumbled upon this beta publishing program! Definitely will buy it when the day comes. Installed this version and tested the last one. No obvious issues yet. (Though having just updated to WIn 10 I am thinking I got lucky.) HYPERLINKS - If there is one feature I would absolutely want, it would be to retain my hyperlinks when I paste text into Publisher. Currently the link underline is there but with no path to go to a website. I am about to layout a few guide books with 100's of web links that I will have to reestablish. If this is a feature that is soon to be added, I could wait.... rather then the druggery of putting those hyperlinks all back again. Dan from Toronto
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