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  1. Hi In the process to format a Kindle ebook for Amazon I ran into a hyperlink issue that I can not solve. An exported PDF from the lastest Pub .376 is imported into Kindle Create and shows extra links area. Lines that would normally be under just the chosen words extend beyond. These red lines are in the screen cap. This is a preview Kindle page. Example: Note how red lines for Midland MTB Club extend left under Local Clubs - and to the next line under Access - Drive north of. This hyperlink should only be under Midland MTN Club. And I can not find a workaround...stuck Ideas, fixes? Dan Master page hyperlink Kindle bug.pdf Master_page_hyperlink_Kindle_bug.afpub
  2. Hi Jon I uploaded a portion of the book layout for you to test. There are enough pages to get to the problems. 1 Hyperlink Tab only some links are shown. None from child Master pages. (any of the trail reviews in the layout) And is the other bug I mentioned at the beginning of this thread were with separate hyperlink sharing adjacent links when output as a PDF. (notably on the pages with Similiar Trails) 2 Having a paragraph justification issue, not sure it is a bug or a setting I missed. Random lines have returns much too soon. Words should and could fit on the next line up but they are not placed there. To fix I would delete the space between the words and add it back. Poof word(s) move up to proper justification. Why this happens?? Was it my text import from RTF Word files that had stray editor markup?? 3 The latest version of Pub. is a memory hog with older files that I do a Save As. RAM jumps from 3GB to 7GB when this file is loaded.
  3. Thank Jon That worked but not 100%. I have been finishing a book project with ver.305... So with some hesitation, I installed.337 and it does show in the Hyperlink menu links from the master pages. But not from the child master pages built from the original master. (which is most of the book) I do not have time to test anything more than that. On another note, this current version is a memory hog for me. I have 8GB ram and it's all used up. Load the same file into the older .305 was 2 GB less. AND now this Publisher program will not let me run the older version. I am screwed!
  4. Thanks, Walt you the man... OK, so what I thought should happen actually does not, though maybe it should?? Any way saw your file, (again thanks for the effort) and will study the structure. You got me thinking of another way to make a TOC, but have yet to try. (busy with other bits) What if you made separate text boxes on the page for each section to control the layout and headings. Hmmm till later....Dan
  5. I the process of building a Table of Contents (TOC) I found either a few bugs or I am missing something to make one as would be expected. Attached is a TOC I made as a workaround to what I wished and could be done with sections My impression is once you set up in the Section Manager with numerous sections of your book, then these parts can be used to divide your TOC as seen in my example. Central, Western, Eastern and Northern Ontario. I try a few different approaches and could never get the effect. So is this a bug or undeveloped feature or ...? Dan
  6. Hi I think I nailed a problem down and now you boys can tackle this quirk. After plenty of testing, I found a few inconsistencies with the hyperlink function. 1 When using a Master page with a text box, links are not showing up on the Hyperlinks TAB list. 2 Depending on the width of a text column hyperlink text many assume other adjacent links. My example files attached would show this. The link for Rouge Waterfront uses the link for Beaches Boardwalk. Within the program, it appears OK but upon exporting a PDF it changes and the links are messed up. If you extend the text column wider and export a PDF again all is good. I'm not sure what I can do tomorrow with the 100's of links needed on my Master pages?? hmmm One last comment - for the sake of reducing the drudgery in putting links in I set up a hotkey to call up the Hyperlink Properties window. It sure would be convenient to have in this window, the Hyperlink Type: drop down window be able to default to a preselected choice. Having to pull down all day this menu every time to pick URL is no fun. Hope this was helpful feedback - Dan Hyperlink test.afpub hyper test.pdf
  7. DNA0101

    Matching line spacing?

    Thanks for the clue as I was starting wonder if it was a bug. My font spacing on both font sets were too spread out. Now I can move on...
  8. I have been following the updates for months and learning and testing Publisher. All far so good ...now for some heavy lifting.... Will be layout a 150 page guide book this week with plenty of photos. Was always waiting and hoping for a improved hyperlink feature. Sure wished when I paste my text onto the pages the web links would remain. Seems I will have to put a few 100 back. That's a lot of boring work I was hoping to dodge. Dan
  9. I think his wish is to not unlock everything just parts of the page in a document that a master page controls....which would be great to have.
  10. I like this idea and would love to have page elements tied to hyperlink, not just text.
  11. Basically I copy my text from my websites into a text program then copy it into Publisher. I tested a few word doc programs to retain the bold and line formatting with hyperlinks. MS Word or LibreOffice Writer will save the content as seen on the webpage. But as you know layout in those programs is a nightmare. So I am trying to develop a workflow to get my web content in book form with the least amount steps.
  12. Hi Everyone I am new here and first want say I am thrilled to have stumbled upon this beta publishing program! Definitely will buy it when the day comes. Installed this version and tested the last one. No obvious issues yet. (Though having just updated to WIn 10 I am thinking I got lucky.) HYPERLINKS - If there is one feature I would absolutely want, it would be to retain my hyperlinks when I paste text into Publisher. Currently the link underline is there but with no path to go to a website. I am about to layout a few guide books with 100's of web links that I will have to reestablish. If this is a feature that is soon to be added, I could wait.... rather then the druggery of putting those hyperlinks all back again. Dan from Toronto