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  1. Thanks this helped me a lot. I feel kinda dumb for posting this as a bug. Can a moderator move this to the appropriate category. Thanks
  2. I created a halftone texture brush in designer but it's not working as expected. If go over the same spot with the brush; the transparent pixels get darker until it is a black square. I want it to stay circular halftone. Left: what I get when I go over an area once. Right: What I get when I go over an area multiple times. No matter how many times I go over an area I want it to stay like the one on the left. I have to start over everytime I go over an area more than once. Texture brushes should not accumulate layers. My texture brush image is included in the attachments and these are my brush settings.
  3. I would like to see One Point, Two Point, and even Three Point Perspective guide system/tools. Would be very helpful in creating scenes, architectural designs, aligning characters properly.
  4. In Designer is there a easy way to to export layers at full canvas size without creating a slice and resizing it? This would be really time consuming for 100+ layers. Is there a check box somewhere that I'm missing?