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  1. I'm still holding out hope that this sneak it's way into the 1.9 beta. If not then maybe a 1.9.x release. Word counts I would like to see: Document Word Count Page Word Count Frame Word Count (Selected Frame)
  2. Instead of using pressure profiles on strokes to control the line thickness/width from the start of a stroke to the end of the stroke maybe allow us to change the line thickness at each point. Then have them blend between each of the points. This would give greater control and save time on creating the strokes you want. I find using the pressure profiles to be cumbersome when selecting the graph points and when you have a long stroke it's harder to get the results you want.
  3. Hardware/GPU Acceleration on Windows should be top priority for 1.9 update in all the apps.
  4. Thanks this helped me a lot. I feel kinda dumb for posting this as a bug. Can a moderator move this to the appropriate category. Thanks
  5. I created a halftone texture brush in designer but it's not working as expected. If go over the same spot with the brush; the transparent pixels get darker until it is a black square. I want it to stay circular halftone. Left: what I get when I go over an area once. Right: What I get when I go over an area multiple times. No matter how many times I go over an area I want it to stay like the one on the left. I have to start over everytime I go over an area more than once. Texture brushes should not accumulate layers. My texture brush image is included in the attachments and these are my brush settings.
  6. I would like to see One Point, Two Point, and even Three Point Perspective guide system/tools. Would be very helpful in creating scenes, architectural designs, aligning characters properly.
  7. In Designer is there a easy way to to export layers at full canvas size without creating a slice and resizing it? This would be really time consuming for 100+ layers. Is there a check box somewhere that I'm missing?
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