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  1. Erider

    "Brakes" on shadows

    Wow guys ! Awesome demonstrations ! You have bend over backwards ! I'll take it in mind, thanks for this remind
  2. Erider

    "Brakes" on shadows

    I don't think your brain is broken I just did a test on ebodA pohsotohP (I had not thought about it), same result. So there are two possibilities ... Either it's an interpretation of our brain Either that's the way the shadows work That's f*****g mind breaking ! But thanks for you help Carl
  3. Erider

    "Brakes" on shadows

    Hi Carl, I can't upload whole document because it's professional work but I'm sending you an example document. I don't think that this is an interpretation of the brain because it's visible even by zooming or by masking "the content". This is not the only document that is problematic on that side. Thanks for your help Shadows problem.afdesign
  4. Hi everybody ! I don't think it's really a bug, but I'm facing a problem with Designer, Publisher and Photo and there is no "free speech graphic design related category". When I want to place shadows, they adapt in terms of opacity according to the content of the above layer. I have tried different methods, like generating the shadow with a black layer underneath and a blur effect, or by changing the fusion mode. Is there a way which allows the shadows to have the same intensity, no matter the contents of the above layer? I put a screenshot of the problem. Thank you all!
  5. I totally agree with you @simonlayfield ... I do not understand how the dev team could let such a huge bug pass ... The solution I use to work around the problem is to resize the document taking into account bleeds and place guides or lines but it requires to complicate life at time of export ...
  6. Ok, good ! Only to wait for the next beta Thanks Sean P !
  7. Hi everybody, I'm facing a problem both with Affinity and last Beta with Windows 10 64bits . When I want to export an artboard with a bleed, it's filled with white and not with its content. I did some research on the forum without finding similar cases. A video is better than a long speech. Have you ever encountered this problem? Do you have a solution ? Thank you all ! Affinity Artboard Bleed Bug.mp4
  8. Erider

    Mask shift

    Yesterday, I had the same issue with Designer in Pixel Persona... Don't know what happened, I have not managed to recurrence of the bug today
  9. Thanks a lot JimmyJack ! The second option works perfectly ! I still have to make some adjustments, but the result is already more than convincing
  10. Thank for your answer. I use the textured brush #4. I just tried others, same problem. Only the standard brush works correctly without artefacts ... I also tried the pull option, and all options the brush menu and the stroke menu can offer...
  11. Hi everybody ! I currently have a problem with textured borders under Affinity Designer ( These do not close properly as you can see in the attached image (whether on a font or on a vector object ... even on a simple circle). I tried all the possible options of borders and brushes, without result. Did I miss something? Do you have a solution ? Thanks !

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