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    Thiagarajan reacted to Aammppaa in Studiolink not working for me (split)   
    Have you updated to the latest version of Designer (
    Have you run the Designer, opened a file, and exited at least once?
    Try deleting the .appinfo files from C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Common\1.0\appinfo\Release
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    Thiagarajan reacted to R C-R in Divide a circle dashed circle into shapes   
    Because the Expand Stroke feature tends to add lots of extra nodes, for simple regularly spaced dashes, this may work for you:
    Use the Cog Tool to create a cog shape with lots of teeth, each one representing one dash Adjust the cog shape values (tooth depth, hole radius, notch width, etc.) so you get just unconnected thin teeth Convert the shape to curves Divide to get individual dashes, each with just 4 nodes This dashed circle to shapes.afdesign file includes the history so if how to do this is not clear from the above, you can move the history slider back & forth to see how it works.
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    Thiagarajan got a reaction from Alfred in How to create watch dial with number align vertically?   
    @Alfred Cog wheel idea is awesome.
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    Thiagarajan got a reaction from GT70 in A tool has disappeared and I can't find it...   
    In the Menu bar, goto View > Studio > Character, Paragraph

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    Thiagarajan reacted to Alfred in How to create watch dial with number align vertically?   
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, @nobodysawme.  (BTW, it probably hasn’t escaped your notice that I saw you!)
    For minute markers, use the Cog Tool to create a gear wheel with 60 teeth. Adjust the parameters so that the teeth are separate thin rectangles.
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    Thiagarajan reacted to firstdefence in How to create watch dial with number align vertically?   
    TickTock.afdesign Saved with history so you can jog back and forth in the history panel. 

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    Thiagarajan got a reaction from lucidlife in How to Make Stroke Corners on EPS Import Sharp not Bevelled?   
    Step 1: Make it a Mitre Join
    Step 2: Change the Mitre to around 2

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    Thiagarajan reacted to dutchshader in How to IMPORT as OBJECT rather than PLACE as DOCUMENT?   
    Open the logo, select all, copy, and paste in the new doc.
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