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  1. Anybody know how to?
  2. In the Menu bar, goto View > Studio > Character, Paragraph
  3. @Alfred Cog wheel idea is awesome. CogforMinutes.afdesign
  4. Step 1: Make it a Mitre Join Step 2: Change the Mitre to around 2
  5. Hai. Please lemme know the difference between rotating an object by its corner handle and rotation handle. (Maybe a trivial question. Was curious.)
  6. It's really that easy NOW in Affinity Designer too. Just toggle the crosshair icon on, and move the rotation center to the position, then power duplicate. Enter 360/no.ofObjects to get the precise angle of rotation. In this example, it was 360/26, that is 13.8°
  7. Jus wanted to add the twitter logo to a brochure design. Had to place.
  8. Thank you. That's the workaround I too do. Wanted to know if there's any direct way. Thanks for the quick response.
  9. I downloaded a logo in eps format. How can i import the content in eps file as objects into the document? Placing as an embedded document is inconvenient for me while editing. Unable to ungroup too. Pls lemme know how?
  10. You could select and make into two separate paths by joining the nodes. And select both the paths and Divide. Then apply colors of your liking.