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  1. Yes I understand about the text path snapping point, it seems completely no relationship to normal snapping, I just wondering why. I also notice the modifier keys on the bottom, really nice feature.
  2. Yes using Centre Align is the only way currently, for short text less than two quarter is OK. But in my case I design the text for the wrist watch case back, the text is quite long, more than three quarter, then a mid-handle become very useful, as I cannot using quarter snap with left/right handle anymore. Please consider to add the mid-handle in future.
  3. Yes I tried that, but I want a middle handle between the red and green.
  4. I have CS5.5 and Affinity Designer. In Illustrator there is a handle to control the position of text on the path, is there something similar in Designer? I use that quite a lot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCTPASFKaXk&t=160s
  5. Thank you for the solution. My question is not clear enough and have a mistake. It is the text not rotate around the circle, like the attach file, the inner hour big text does not rotate, any idea?
  6. I google it but cannot find any for Affinity Designer, could someone help to make a tutorial? I am using Affinity Designer for Windows.
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