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  1. My husband bought both Photo and Designer - I have family sharing on both. I'll be buying Publisher when it's ready - I have lived in InDesign. Thanks everybody for your help!
  2. Thanks for your help! I have it (thru Apple’s family sharing) so, I’ll focus on learning that one. I understand that the next MAC OS will shut out my Adobe cs6 stuff. Affinity looks like good replacement apps. I’m enjoying using the Publisher beta. But trying to learn both Photo and Designer - and figuring out which would work for me - was about to break my head! Thanks again!
  3. A lot of what I do is take images - jpg, png, etc and change them. Change colors, change a screen image to one that will print well. Etc. I don't do a lot of high tech work. And I don't usually start from scratch drawing my own pictures. My question is... would Photo be the app I should use or is Designer what I need? Thanks for your help!
  4. I have used Adobe products since Pagemaker. With no document open I can choose a font and all documents then begin with that font set (rather than hunting for it each time). Can that be done in Affinity products? Thanks!