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  1. What robinp said. We ask our clients to provide files in a format that will reduce the amount of time spent in make-ready, but, in the end, we get what we get, and have to make it work.
  2. The example of a CAD-sourced file needing further editing is only that, an example, albeit a good example due to the many complexities CAD files bring to the table. A useable vector-drawing program needs to include the tools necessary to select and manipulate various objects in >any< file is is asked to operate on; otherwise, there is no need to use that program. And PDF has become a de facto file exchange format, (often the only format common to two drawing applications,) regardless of whether the PDF format was originally intended to be "digital paper." In today's world, PDF is what we get, and we need to be able to manipulate objects contained in that file type.
  3. Responding to JGD above, did you even get a response from Serif? I just don't see how they expect AD to be a successful product, unless they are willing to address some (most) of these shortcomings. Unless it's a Ponzi-like scheme, where they continuously try to impress and attract new users, naive to the app's lack of full functionality (I'm looking at me...) and just never get around to the things that are important in a production environment. Now, that would be a big disappointment. Thanks, JGD, for being so articulate and persistent.
  4. I will chime in here, as new to Designer, and, I am hopeful, a recovering Illustrator user. Until I had to search for - and fail to find - the "Select same <attribute>" function, I was fully committed to making Designer my only vector drawing tool - purchased the full edition, bought the book, thought I was in heaven. But now, seeing that this often-requested and >necessary< function has been on the wish list for going on five years, the bloom is off the rose. That it's not even on the time line is a deal-breaker. Devs: please consider that there is a wide variety of use cases for Designer, and each user has unique needs, but the basics >must< be included for this to be a viable product. /rant