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  1. MarcBr

    Making Ripples

    Absolutely brilliant @John Rostron! Edit: yes, a macro would be great
  2. MarcBr

    Pagoda in Vietnam

    This is what my result looks like now (I already uploaded it to Instagram). Nevertheless, I will be very happy for further hints on how to create a more realistic water because this will not be my last attempt Changes made: Replaced my displacement map with a water texture displacement map decreased exposure added some perlin noise and changed the masking of the shore again. @John Rostron I will have a look at this tutorial later for sure.
  3. MarcBr

    Pagoda in Vietnam

    Hey @GarryP, That one is looking pretty nice! I will have to investigate further about that motion blur filter and applying some texture. My attempt was: copying top layer mirroring it transform the perspective of the mirrored version duplicated it added ripple effect with small amount added displacement map added gaussian blur to the top layer masked with a gradient to fade out ripple, blur, displacement near the shore line added masking to the layer underneath for the shore line added pixel layer and painted in some dirt textures Cheers, Marc
  4. MarcBr

    Pagoda in Vietnam

    Hey @carl123, thank you very much for your hints! I had a version with a darker reflection already, but I transformed the perspective of the water way too much and forgot to add the darkening in my second or third attempt again I blurred the water with a low amount (gaussian blur 1px) because blurring it too much destroyed the displacement map I added to the water. But I will try that with a slightly higher amount when I am back at home, because your amount of blurring looks better to me. Did you apply a ripple filter? Maybe I have to adjust my settings there, too Will post updated edit later! Cheers, Marc
  5. MarcBr

    Pagoda in Vietnam

    Hey folks, finished another edit of a photo from my trip through Vietnam. Still not sure what to think about the "water" and its shore... What's your opinion about it - does it look too unnatural? I was trying keep no straight shore line... Original Edited in Affinity Photo Cheers, Marc
  6. MarcBr

    At night

    This time I was experimenting with some layer options (3D for the birds and on me), dodge and burn and blendmodes for painting in some radiation around the lightsource. Hope you like it - cheers, Marc
  7. MarcBr

    Sundown at Hai-Van-Pass (Da Nang to Hue)

    Thank you! To be honest, in my first attempt I forgot it too, but it drove me that crazy so added it in a second step What did you do to get more detail in the washed out mountains in your edit? By the way, those birds / seagulls are a nice detail, will consider it for a future edit of another seascape. One thing that jumped into my eyes: your horizon & clouds are positioned too low (check the mountain layer behind the mountains). Cheers and thanks for some inspiration
  8. Hey folks, another photo manipulation because of a monsun like weather on the Hai-Van-Pass in Vietnam. The sun looks a bit fake, it is just a white half ellipse with gaussian blur - do you have any recommendations for a better processing? Processed in AP: Original: Cheers, Marc
  9. MarcBr

    Veste Wachsenburg with blood moon

    It was a shot taken on two different times on the same day. It was shot last summer / autumn. It wasn't possible for me to shot the moon and the castle in one shot because of the clouds that evening. I shot the moon later that night. The haze in that composition is fake, btw. Those clouds behind the castle were illuminated during sundown. No HDR, but as mentioned above two separate shots: I am super happy about your comment - that was exactly what I was asking for! Sometimes I forget about the lighting or even worse: the correct postioning of the shadows Thank you very much, I will keep that in mind for my next edits Cheers, Marc
  10. Hey folks, this is my 2nd attempt in Affinity Photo. What do you think about it? Expect more edits soon Best regards, Marc
  11. With Orton effect and a friend I met on Bali during a volcano hike. In my eyes this photo is getting somewhere near the finishing line and only needs some minor tweaks (maybe some more saturation / more colors?)
  12. Hey @Gnobelix, thanks heaps for the instructions and the information about the beta. That Orton effect is exactly what I was looking for Best regards from Thuringia
  13. Hey community, I am in my first week getting started with Affinity Photo and could need some advice from some Affinity Photo ninjas Here are my 3 workflow steps where I need help in the 3rd step/photo. 1. Out of camera: 2. "Basic" adjustments in Lightroom 3. Adding more adjustment layers, live filters, brushing in some stars and fog In the 3rd step I want to add more glow to those contrasting edges of the mountains - comparable with the edges in step two. In Lightroom I brushed in some negative clarity but I don't know how to do it in Affinity Photo, because in the current release there is no negative clarity (or I haven't found it yet ) - unluckily the diffuse glow filter doesn't give me the wanted result (maybe I am tweaking it wrong). Hope you can assist me so I can finish the photo and post the result here Thanks in advance, Marc