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I've searched around and while I see people asking about this, doesn't seem like there's any kind of formal request for this feature so here's one.

Essentially it's what the title says, please add the ability to create, edit and apply global colour swatches in illustrations and designs done on the iPad. Global colours are a fundamental part of vector design and illustration, the need for this is vital!

Right now the only workaround is to create them on the desktop and then open the file on the iPad, but this has limitations besides not being able to edit the swatches on the device itself. For example if you apply a global to an object, the swatches panel will not indicate in any way that the colour is apply to the object, unlike in the desktop where you can see the swatch highlighted.


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Yeah, it's a real pain. At the moment what I do is convert to global and re-apply all colours to all shapes on the desktop when I'm done. This is of course a pain and it's only worth it on illustrations that likely will have a reuse/recolour value down the line... :(

The whole swatches panel, both on the desktop and iOS really need a complete rewrite, it feels like it barely works and it's all held by strings.

One feature that would be awesome on top of proper support for global colours on the iPad, is "automagic" convert to global, like Illustrator does. On AI you can select the artwork and choose to add all colours found in the shapes as global swatches. This lists all colours used, converts them to global, and reapply them to the shapes, all in one step.

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+ 1 for the ability to create and edit global colours on the iPad please. Functionality that matches the desktop version for this would be great.

At the moment I always need to move illustrations to desktop just to finalise colours. This simple feature is currently the biggest thing I'd like to see added to AD on iPad.

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We the users don't know.

But they need to add it, and they need to add it fast. Like today. I've been saying for a very long while now the swatches panel, both on the desktop and mobile, need an overhaul as they're just bad. In mobile is more obvious than desktop, but both need it. Yet nothing is ever said and a couple versions have gone by without changes...

They're going to have their lunch stolen by Adobe. Easily. I'm trying to keep an eye on Illustrator for iPad, it's hard because I don't have a beta invitation (I've asked...), and there's an NDA preventing people from talking about it.

But I've gathered a couple of points recently related to this subject. If you watch this YouTube video:

At points you can pause and see something interesting, there's a menu entry to change the colour bars to CMYK. This is one of the main advantages Affinity has over many other apps even "full" Photoshop for iPad. Full CMYK support. Well, seems like no more.

Then if you look at this video, which seems to be a newer build of the app:

You'll be able to pause at times and also see something else interesting, it seems like global swatches are already present, and even better, they seem to be automatically created and applied to every shape you work with. This is superior to even desktop Illustrator!

Seems like Adobe might have the upper hand here. Since every single professional designer needs to subscribe at the very least Illustrator, and it's likely this app will be included with that plan, it does seem like it's adoption will be much higher and faster than Photoshop or Fresco.

So... yeah. Getting global colours working on the iPad should be a top priority as the lead over the competition is slowing slipping away.

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