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  1. Please add global colors support! It has been requested multiple times already on this forums...
  2. Hi, I'm unable to figure out how to create a simple Quick Mask with circle shape inside. Would anyone be so kind as to help please? I have a pixel layer containing a photo. I click "Mask Layer" button (on the bottom in the Layers panel) it creates a Mask layer under my pixel layer. I right-click on it on choose "Edit Mask". it then shows me a 100% white mask layer. Then I press CTRL + I to invert it to black. Now I would like to add to that mask a white circle in the middle, that would "reveal" the content of my pixel layer, but it just creates additional "Eclipse" layer and I can't figure out how to merge / combine it with my Quick Mask layer. Thanks!
  3. Hi James! I've encountered two crashes (bug report window popped out) while adjusting separate channels with Curves (in 32-bit mode). There was no slowdowns though. The only "slowdown" I've noticed is while loading RAF files (it simply takes very long to open). I might have misunderstood the whole purpose of 32-bit mode. I was simply trying to avoid any clipping during heavy RAW conversion and I thought 32-bit will give me that :-) I'm new to photography and I was trying to convert a landscape image I took with Hoya r72 infrared filter (unfortunately I failed to achieve any decent result, but I will try again with new photos). The problem with sliders is that even moving the slider a little (1 pixel) was making *extremely huge* difference on the image and there was no way to obtain a less significant effect. I'll stick to your advise and simply use the 16-bit mode from now on :-) Love your tutorials BTW!!!
  4. Hi, This is not a specific bug report, I just wanted to raise some awareness that 32-bit workflow in Affinity Photo still needs improvements. When editing RAW files in 32-bit mode, sliders quickly became too sensitive even for any minor adjustments. Moving the slider even a tiny bit makes some extreme changes on the image. I also had some severe stability issues, especially during Curves adjustments when moving only specific channels in RGB mode (Red / Green / Blue). I can upload the RAW file that was causing the issues, if anyone is interested. Thanks! EDIT: This might be important - I'm using Fuji's raw (.RAF) files
  5. :( But there is no escape key on tablet and customizable buttons are precious!
  6. Thank you! Would it be possible to also tweak that shortcut to automatically close the "colour chooser" when pressed again? This would be extremely convenient while working with tablet or in Toggle UI mode...
  7. Hello, There are some issues related to digital painting on Affinity Photo for Windows: 1) The following shortcuts are not working: It does work on Mac version though (as shown on the following video: https://vimeo.com/171926740) 2) It's impossible to assign a keyboard shortcut for "Color Chooser" + it's undocumented
  8. Edit: I'll log it as a bug as it works correctly on Mac, but not on Windows https://vimeo.com/171926740
  9. Hi, Would you be so kind as to consider adding the following features please? 1) Keyboard shortcut for "Colour Chooser" (shown on this screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/E2MCOKz.png) As far as I know currently there is no way to assign it to a key. It'd be incredibly useful for quick color changes while painting (especially in "Toggle UI" (TAB) mode). 2) Possibility to dynamically adjust brush hardness + size, by pressing shortcut key and dragging the brush. Similar feature is already described in the documentation, but it does not work (at least on Affinity Photo for Windows) Thanks!
  10. No, it's not the same. I'm looking for the pop-up window from the screenshot below. It says "Colour Chooser". Apple Colour Picker looks different.
  11. Hi, After some digging I've discovered that the Mac version of Affinity Photo has some useful keyboard shortcuts for painting. Does anyone know how can I active these shortcuts on Windows? "Colour Chooser" popup (it basically activates Color palette as a pop-up window) -- Dunno how to open that. Help docs are missing. "Left-right changes width and up-down changes hardness of brush" -- Very useful, but can't figure out the keys on Windows. "Temporarily switches to the Colour Picker tool" -- I think it's simply ALT key but not 100% sure as the active tool does not visually change BTW: If anyone knows any other useful tips (especially for painting with tablet), please feel free to use this topic :-)
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