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Slow down on large document (

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I have used this beta fairly extensively, and there have been lots of improvements.  However I am still finding fairly significant slow down on larger documents (I'm using 16000 x 8000 pixels) once we enter into a few layers of use (around 15 to 20).  There tend to be significant slowdowns when trying to move or resize the layers (or groups of layers).


 I find that sometimes saving the document and then trying again to move the layers can improve performance.  However this can lead to other issues such as significant delays in saving the files  and sometimes not even being able to get back to the main menu.


I am having to reduce the number of layers I work on to get work done unfortunately. 


I am also finding that occasionally I am unable to choose  a new tool, the UI seems to acknowledge my presses but does not respond until I reset Photo.


I was not facing these issues on 1.6.


I am using an iPad Pro 12.9 with 1TB HD space

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