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Here's another dog, seems I'm on a roll... personal work this time.


Thought I'd try out an all airbrush style paint piece using mostly pixel persona and the spray paint brushes in Designer. I had tried this guy a few years back in photoshop, this turned out much better.  ;)  Maybe I just suck at photoshop painting...  :)



Some discoveries made with this piece has got me thinking of some personal wish list items for Designer as it pertains particularly for painting:


- rotate canvas

- an option or toggle to hide the brush cursor while painting (some of the brush cursors outline previews are a little distracting and are in the way while painting)

- smooth stroke or lazy mouse feature

- quick flip canvas (horz and vert) to check composition 

- OPTION > COMMAND > SPACE BAR  and COMMAND > SPACE BAR for zooming (it's enabled and works as expected in draw persona but not in pixel persona, never did get an explanation on why this is... :huh:  - this is a biggie hence the UPPERCASE letters!)  :) The navigator palette just doesn't cut it for quick workflow.


as an aside...

- would love to see a "global" noise effect ability like in Affinity Photo (live filter) to be able to globally cover entire artwork with noise from the top most layer...




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Nice drawing. Dogs rule!  :D


OS X Version 10.14.6 iMac 27" 3.2 GHz i5- 32 GB  Huion Kamvas Pro 20

iPad Pro 12.9" IOS 13


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CHEERS Matt!!... and MEB and GRScott!


Sorry to sneak a wish list in there but it was top of mind as I just finished the piece and I keep a running list of things I encounter near me as I work or I'll just forget until I come up against it in a new piece.


Hehe, yes it would seem that I have "gone to the dogs", I have more dogs to come but might take a break and try something else, maybe of the human variety...  ;)

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