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Some work and some more observations

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Hi Everyone
Some work and some notes :)
I have a series of illustrations to do for an estate agent client so i decided to put Affinity Designer through it’s paces. The layout was created a little while ago in inDesign I have included it here for context. I was really pleased with my time spent with the app, for my simple style it held up really well. 
These are my observations:

I would love to be able to reposition shapes whilst I’m creating them, in illustrator you can press space whilst drawing out the shape to reposition whilst drawing that is really helpful, I couldn’t figure out if/how you can do that here.

An eyedropper tool would really handy, the cmd-c  then cmd-shift-v works but slows down the workflow.
I love the way that the outline of the selected object disappears when you are changing a colour. It would be good if this happened during all operations especially line weight, gaussian blur drop shadow etc where it would be good if the outline wasn’t visible.
I spent a really long time getting frustrated when i was drawing shapes with the bezier tool because they had no fill or line weight as default and as soon as i dropped the tool i kept losing them and had to go to outline view to find them. But then I clicked on “use fill” and that helped a lot ;)
There were a lot of times that illustrators rounded corners would have been very useful, just to soften out some of the sharp corners.  if you can get that functionality that would be great
For the longest time i couldn’t figure out how to separate items that had been created in a boolean action, so that you can select them independently but I figured it out eventually (layer>geometry>divide) 
Dynamic shapes were great the trapezoid and the segment shapes were very useful and really helped speed up shape building.
Anyways… great job guys Affinity Designer keeps getting better every week!!
Best Regards


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Cheers guys, I'm glad that you like them, I still have quite a few more to do, so I will be sure to post updates. And mr somerfield, if you could sneak out those rounded corners in the next update you would be a (ninja) star ;)

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