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  1. Thanx peter and Chris B))) Just started testing the latest Beta. Did I mention I´m so happy you guys developed Affinity? ;)
  2. :) Thanx for sharing.
  3. After more than 18 months CTS is cured and tons of sketches have piled up. Happy to use Affinity again :)
  4. After many dark days I am waiting for spring. Started this with a ballpen drawing (attached) and finished it in Affinity. Many layer fx and gradients used. I really like the possibility to insert different markers in the gradient panel - very helpful. The idea was she is waking up from a deep sleep, the bird with her. Winter hasn't left yet but the little color-glows are already pointing towards spring. Used a mix of muted colors and fresher accents.
  5. Lol, many serious ideas and some fun stuff too. I do tell people about AD because it is great value for money. Any software that will help me to finish a project quicker and better will be my best friend. I do not expect any silly stuff ( though the toaster sounded tempting ), but I just love the direct contact with the dev. Team. I still would love to see my intelligent gradient vectors ( hear me Matt !! ;) ) but AD is on the right track. In our world we do get plenty of offers every day - free! Free! FREEEE!... Nope. Good work needs money, and if you are serious about your job/hobby you are willing to pay for it. As I posted earlier: I do have a lot of licences for a zillion of apps for iOS/OS/ and android. I got many of them for free, many others I did pay for. It all started with the first iPhone, a whole new world of creativity. And I am very happy to see that mobile creativity is pushing the borders. AD is an important step, at least for me. Slick, stable, no fuzz, great results. AD is the basic Swiss Army Knife - when you really are in trouble it will do the job. And that's what counts.
  6. Ty retrograde, tons of work before Xmas and still totally happy I found Affinity :) Used the layer blends again and toned it with an overlay, set to 'soft light'. More to come...;)
  7. Using Deviant Arts new logo, added it to a group of folks there playing around with it.
  8. I like the dynamic style of it. Knowing what Mike means about the clouds but I am sure you will come up with sth fresh. Maybe just some very geometric faded/gradient clouds in the lower third? Style reminds me of the Tron concept art (in a good way). Looking forward to see the final result.
  9. Ty guys, yes - great package;) Will try the pixel erase on vector again in one of the next drawings.
  10. Really love the precision of AD. Had lots of fun with this. The star is a new character for a vinyl sticker. Fascinated by the infinite zoom - everything is so crisp. Used the layer fx alot. Great to have the possibility to give different fx to different elements on ONE layer in such an intuitive way.
  11. Ty retrograde ;) Should be all vector, never switched the workspace today.
  12. The japanese Kitsune is one of my fav. subjects. Often taking a female shape to contact the mortals- sometimes good, sometimes evil. Always near a foxshrine. I really love the textured brushes. They are a bit slow, but that will give you an authentic watercolor feeling. Just love it. One drawing without overlay and zoom to show the details.
  13. Relaxed drawing of a classic topic. Wanted to get the outlines right so it took some time. Used 2 different textured brushes for overlays and clouds. Half of them with a 50% Gaussian Blur. Always thought that cat in the story is great - so it got a Martini ;)
  14. Yesterday I came across a strange behavior of Affinity. After having disconnected my cintiq companion hybrid for a meeting I wanted to continue working on my macbook air. Different things happened: 1. the menu boxes turned grey after some operations - restart required. 2. when creating new layers they were not visible, only the base layer would show it's content. Again: restart. 3. when importing a handsketch to refine it I was not able to create any new layers, even the pentool would not work. 4. one crash turned the screen to a light grey, only leaving to greyed out boxes visible. I deleted Affinity and made a new install - same thing. When I connected the cintiq companion hybrid again everything was fine. I know the tablet is sending a command to the macbook to synchronize the screen resolutions (macbook will use the wacom settings after connection). Of course I tried if I could prevent the crashes by resetting the macbook to standard values, but that did not help either. Though I use my macbook most of the time with the companion it would be nice to have the option to use it without a tablet. Would love to know if anybody else had this strange effect. Apart from that: Happy as a bunny with Affinity ;)
  15. Ty guys, yes it looks a bit like the full throttle landscape though I sketched that deserted looking supermarket in Greece last week ;) Regarding the blacks: I like bold strokes and contrasts, it looks more balanced when you see the last wheel, now hidden by the sketch. @ TonyB: Would be happy to provide something you guys like. First drawing with the newly bought Affinity after my vacation :)
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