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Resizing the canvas [ GM Seed]

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1. New Document > Photo > 4D (6 × 4.5 in)

2. Press ‘OK’

3. Choose ‘Resize’ from the Document menu

4. Choose ‘Canvas’ on the Context toolbar

5. Make sure the aspect ratio is locked

6. Change the height from 4.500 to 7.500

Expected: Width changes from 6.000 to 10.000

Observed: Width changes from 6.000 to 9.333

Tapping on the Width control brings up the keypad, displaying 9.333 as expected. Tapping to dismiss the keypad (whether via the ‘OK’ button or not) makes the height drop to 6.750.

Edited to add: AD (mis)behaves in exactly the same way.

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Added note about Designer

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