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Moving a masked image within a vector mask

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Hi signguy,

I wasn't creating a mask. Layer masking and Layer clipping are different things.


Got it.  I'm used to masking by dragging the thumbnail over the top of the other thumbnail.  My mistake.  I forget that there are multiple ways to do things sometimes and that's what makes these forums so invaluable.  Thank you MEB!


I do prefer to use the masking option over the clipping option so that way you can add effects like a gaussian blur to the object/shape and not the entire image.  Depends on what kind of results you are trying to accomplish.  The original thread was about talking about masking so that is why I chimed in with my 2¢.

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Yep, you have to use the clipping method + "Lock Children". If you use the Mask method, it also works, but there are some strange selection handles which is very confusing (drag rectangle on top of image). 




1. Drag Image BELOW the Rectangle (so it becomes a child -- NOT a mask, which is OVER it)



2. Ensure you have the "Lock Children" checked below the toolbar -- in the properties area, where it says "Curve ... Fill... Stroke... Convert to Curves ... [x] Lock Children



This works great. You can now independently scale/move the rectangle (parent) and image (the child).

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No worries. I was simply trying to demonstrate how to get to the Lock Children option, using layer clipping as an example. It works for both cases Clipping and Masking. Which one you use depends on what you want to achieve. 



You're right. The selection marquee around the masked area remains on screen while we are dragging the mask, which is confusing. I will log this.

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Is this fixed yet??

Playing arround with it, but cannot get it to work.?


Browsing the internet didn't provide me with an answer as well

I want to mask a photo or whatever and be able to adjust mask and content independently, Until then I must stay with sigh photoshop sigh.


On that note, can I swap assets, symbols or is the relation from library to artboard unidirectional??


I understand everyone is busy, so am I but the more I play with it and look for limitations the more my enthousiasm floats away.
That's unfortunately since the time and resources put into your marektingefforts and promotional content raised my expectations quite a bit.


If it's resolved hoorah, just point me in the right direction. Not giving up on you guys yet ;)


Edit: the lock children option doesn't work: content and mask are still move as one

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On 5/27/2015 at 12:58 PM, MEB said:

Hi brandbrilliance,

Welcome to Affinity Forums.

I agree with you that it's inflexible and inefficient, but like other features there's wasn't yet time to improve it.

I've raised those same points with the dev team some time ago and i believe this will be looked at when possible. 

I'm not sure if you were talking about Designer or Photo - anyway in Photo I still (March 2019) cannot move or resize the picture in the mask separately.
Macbook Pro, Mojave

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2 hours ago, tymcat said:

... anyway in Photo I still (March 2019) cannot move or resize the picture in the mask separately.

Is the mask layer above the 'picture' (pixel or other layer type) in the Layers panel, or is it nested in that 'picture' layer?
1258016141_notnested.jpg.598f04fcdd779e6bb6509ff1cea0bdb4.jpg nested.jpg.18eca97318bd29d63f676bc423d603ad.jpg

Above is on the left; nested is on the right. In neither one is the pixel layer really "in" the mask, so each of them can be moved or resized separately of the other. The difference is that when nested, the mask layer moves or resizes when you move or resize the pixel layer.

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I was searching around for the answer to this question. Didn't find one in any of the tutorial videos. Noticed this topic originated in 2015 so not sure the solution is posted elsewhere or common knowledge at this point, but had an epiphany and just tested something out and it worked. Here's how to do it:

  1. Start with a photo; for the purposes of this explanation, one with a sky.
  2. Make a selection. In this instance, the sky in the photo to make a sky replacement.
  3. Turn that selection into a mask.
  4. Select both the mask layer and the photo layer.
  5. Group them.

The grouping is the trick. It allows the mask layer and the photo layer to remain separate from each other, which means they can be edited independently.

Hope this can be applied to the OP's question, even though their masking layer was a vector shape. Not sure it would matter.

Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 9.01.55 PM.png

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Well, I messed that explanation up a little. It should actually go:

  1. Open a photo of a landscape with a boring sky in a new document
  2. Paste or Place another photo with a better sky in the same document
  3. Hide the second photo for a moment
  4. Select the sky from the original photo
  5. Make a mask from that selection
  6. Move the mask above the other layers. No children, no parents.
  7. Show the second photo again
  8. Select the new mask and the second photo
  9. Group them
  10. Make sure the mask is above the second photo in the layer stack, inside the new group, and that the original photo is below the group in the layer stack
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