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  1. Yeah but I remember Indesign shows a line where the spread stops so at least you know WHY it disappeared. I got stuck in that for more than 30 mins. LOL.
  2. I figured out that it was working but NOT when you drag the element to the TOP of the spread (which is weird). Only left and right will work to show the visible items off the spread.
  3. When i drag an image/svg slightly off the artboard, it doesn't show me the part that is NOT on the white artboard (including bleed) space. Even if I completely drag the object off the artboard, it still doesn't show up, it's invisible. If i click on the invisible thing, it shows the selection rectangle, and I can drag it back to the page layout and it appears again. So it's not possible to keep some stuff in your design off-artboard as alternatives, etc. only the artboard is considered? It's weird cause I played with views, clip canvas (which only shows/hides the bleed space, not the rest).
  4. Hi Has Affinity Publisher been shelved? I don't see it listed anywhere anymore, neither in the roadmap nor in any new posts. Only a few forum members keep saying it will be available, Early 2016... Late 2016.. 2017, and just keep moving the date. That probably means that linked images will be shelved as well, as that was supposed to be in Publisher? I guess Affinity Windows and the iOS apps are now taking priority.
  5. Any luck on this feature? Key Object Alignment is "key". Sometimes you already have the main object in the correct place, then you need align a secondary object to the original object's position. In Affinity, both objects will move, without a key object "lock".
  6. It's been over a year and this feature doesn't seem to have made the cut. Any idea when it will be implemented? One of the primary reasons why I'm not switching yet, as embedded files are HUGE, whereas linked designer files are relatively small.
  7. YES! +1 Eye dropper to pickup the color from another object. Select a object, press a hotkey and click on another object that you'd like to pickup the color from, voila - most other programs work this way. This dragging a tool all over the place isn't very intuitive.
  8. Yep, you have to use the clipping method + "Lock Children". If you use the Mask method, it also works, but there are some strange selection handles which is very confusing (drag rectangle on top of image). Clipping: 1. Drag Image BELOW the Rectangle (so it becomes a child -- NOT a mask, which is OVER it) 2. Ensure you have the "Lock Children" checked below the toolbar -- in the properties area, where it says "Curve ... Fill... Stroke... Convert to Curves ... [x] Lock Children This works great. You can now independently scale/move the rectangle (parent) and image (the child).
  9. Singuy. Perhaps you can enlighten us all where this option is, because I evaluated the newly released version and I cannot find this on a layer right-click, or in the Layers Menu? Is this perhaps on a particular beta build that we may not have access to yet? Not everyone is comfortable with using beta software, especially since Affinity's performance has taken a big "glitch/flicker" hit since they introduced artboards in the final software.
  10. There doesn't seem to be a nice way to manage swatches after you created them in a custom Document Palette, e.g. select multiple swatches and then delete them. Any ideas?
  11. The Gradient pop-out Panel allows you to duplicate a colour stop, but the Gradient Editor (on the shape) has no such function, you can't CTRL/CMD Click a colour stop and drag it into a new location? Any ideas?
  12. You can actually just drag inside the selection to move it around (no spacebar support).
  13. I would also need this. Particular for things like FontAwesome, Entypo, etc. where we use Font icons in designs.
  14. Would it be possible to integrate additional scrubbers for stock websites: iStock Photo (http://istockphoto.com) Dollarphotoclub (https://www.dollarphotoclub.com)
  15. Draw a rectangle or ellipse marquee from the center.
  16. Yep. No Plus. No Minus. Also, you can't CENTER focus the marquee (start drawing from the center outwards) - only left-top to right-bottom. Remember to use the marquee manual tool to also draw straight lines - use the SHIFT key + click next point.
  17. How about this amazing effect from Sketch? This is a great effect and easy to implement, but cumbersome to create using crops and blur copies. Easy to use in iOS mockups. Here's a screenshot from Sketch and how it's used/configured (just a radius). Can be combined with other effects fill and strokes.
  18. Since all three products: Designer, Photo and upcoming Publisher will have a unified file format, they are going to add artboard/pages to Publisher and then backward add it as a open feature to both Photo and Designer. Hopefully you can have multi-page and multi-size artboards (like Illustrator and now Photoshop). Sketch however goes one further. They have multiple Pages and each page can also have multiple artboards -- which is more useful for UI mockups where you have a "screen" page and then generate multiple layouts (landscape, portrait, tablet, phone) on one page.
  19. You can also RENAME documents in OSX (Pages, Numbers, etc.) by clicking on the name and simply retyping it - Voila renamed.
  20. Actually the "Sasha" part is hand-drawn pen/brush tool with custom pressure profiles. The rest are all fonts.
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