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Jeremy Bohn

Resource Manager glitches

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In the Resource Manager, if I click on a resource that is placed in the document multiple times (it'll have the disclosure triangle next to it), and relink the item, the selection reverts to the top of the list instead of staying on the current resource.

This doesn't happen with a resource that's just one item - only if I click the multiple item (and not one of the items within).

ALSO, the Resource Manager window doesn't retain it's size after you quit the app. It will be in the position you left it, but the size will return to default.

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There's been a fair few changes in this area, it seems fine from me (the selection reverting issue that is). 

Let me know if you still see this!

Serif Europe Ltd. - www.serif.com

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I can confirm Jeremy's hint. It only does not jump to the first entry if not the folder but single items within an opened folder are selected on replace.

I also notice, new in v376, issues with an activated "K-only" setting:
– if a file on page has the "K-only" activated then in resource manager its thumbnail and its preview in details section turns to B&W (whereas other color adjustments don't appear in the managers).
– if one of some files within such a folder are set to "K-only" then also the folder thumbnail appears in B&W, regardless of other items in the folder are not set to K-only.
– replacing an item reverts an active "K-only" to unselected.

Furthermore (not sure whether it should be solved in v376): when selecting an item on page which is used more than once then it does not appear as selected whn Resource Manager beocmes opened, instead there always the 1st list item is selected.

macOS 10.12.6,  Macbook Pro 15" + Eizo 24"

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