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1974 Ducati 750 SS (AD)

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I’m not really much of a motorbike person but fancied doing one for a long time and Peter’s Ducati drawing reminded me that it’s about time I got around to it.

I didn’t want to do the whole thing this time, I wanted a small’ish project. There are a few crops that looked good but I wanted the Ducati name in it. This is a slight crop of a crop to make it A paper size. Adding depth of field, so some things at varying degrees of out of focus, was a bit fiddly at times but not too bad.

The petrol cap was sort of interesting as the reflections made it look very vector like in the photo. One of my favourite bits is the green petrol (I assume) pipe and clip (the clip took just over an hour) which doesn’t jump out at you but I really like it. Of course I also like my brake pivot screw that I showed the other day, together with the horn section. 

There is one bit I was lazy about, on the fork crown the black paint in the photo had texture which I didn’t do. However photos of other bikes show it smooth painted so I’m OK with that. I think the brown stripe on the tank was actually yellow when new but I’ve yet to see one where it’s still that colour other than on a model. It could be the models are wrong though.

Near the end it was killing my MacBook so I split it and used a master for the finished stuff. Ignore any banding on the tank it only shows up on the upload. There are a few tiny bits that I might do as I get time but I’m quite happy with it. The main image is half size.

I did think to look at how much they go for these days, they’re not cheap.



Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 19.31.33.jpg

1974 Ducati 750 SS 50.jpg

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Hi Peter, That's one reason to post. Whilst it's always nice for people to say they like it, hopefully it also pushes some people who want to try that style to take their work further. If I can do it then I'm sure most can, it's patience and not skipping details. I'm not sure it would help, it's pretty obvious and much the same as the Jaguar, but I could message you the AD file.

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There are a many different styles, aiming for photorealistic is just one, and they're all good as long as you enjoy creating them. There's no best one for everyone. But yes I do want to be better than that. I've been having a think about what I really want to do and it's better quality rather than more quantity. More just takes longer but isn't any more difficult.

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I you like that sort of style look at the Jaguar, Ferrari and Golf.




In a way the Golf's my favourite. It's the first one I did and wasn't really going for realistic it just happened. That's one's different as the car doesn't use any blurs. I've tidied up the background since. I wasn't going to do the Ferrari but did a nice radial gradient for the wheel and thought why not.

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