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Tool for measurements and labels

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Hello, creative people!


I'm a science professor (Physics and Math, mostly) and I'm working at some electronic educational materials for my students. When I found about vector graphics and AD, it was a game changer for me. I'm not by any means an artistic person, I don't draw, paint or whatever, but I use AD for science illustrations (inclines, pulleys, circuits, geometric shapes).


I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but my feature request is a small detail that I find useful for science illustrations. I would like it to have a special tool for displaying measurements and some other labels. For example, if I draw an incline, to be able to show its measurements or if I have a problem with, say, a football field or a rectangle, to quickly add its measurements. And not only the (measurement) label, but also the specific arrows, like on the sidelines of the picture in the attachment.


Also, should I (or any of you) have any more ideas for useful features for scientific illustrations, I'll surely come back.


Thank you for your time and the great products!


EDIT: I'm sorry, for some reason, the attachment doesn't display as it should. It's this picture: http://www.volleyball-rules.net/images/volleyball_court_dimensions.jpg


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This would indeed be a very useful addition - you could then use AD also for plans for furnishing houses, electronics etc.

For circuits you may want to try Fritzing (www.fritzing.org) - it's free and it can export SVG that you may import into AD for further editing.


In this picture I added an example breadboard layout and circuit from Fritzing into an AD document and exported as png:


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Yep, as I said, I could then use AD for any kind of educational illustrations: mechanical, electric etc.


Also, an option for adding custom labels in which one could use HTML or some kind of code such that we are not limited to basic text, but instead use greek characters and various mathematical symbols.


Thanks for the Fritzing, I'll give it a try!

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Sorry for bringing this up again, but afaik, there are no immediate intentions on adding measurement tools in AD, which saddens me. I gave up iDraw for the much more feature-rich Affinity Designer but I really miss the measurement tools. 90% of my drawings are somehow technical, as I said above and I don't know how to overcome the lack of a measurement tool. An obvious workaround would be to draw an arrow with tips at both ends, then those small lines, then the label. Something similar could work for measures of angles. But really, this is much too complicated this way.


So please guys, I don't know much about programming, but I can assume there's not a lot of work into implementing such a tool, at least in its basic form (e.g. adding a new "shape" or ends to a line to include two arrowheads plus those lines). Please take into account this feature and hopefully there will be more people here supporting my request.





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Some form of measurement tools will be considered later. Right now we have a road map of what we consider important features that are getting looked at first.

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Some form of measurement tools will be considered later. Right now we have a road map of what we consider important features that are getting looked at first.


Okay, thanks for the reply. To be honest, that's somehow a let-down for me, as I (try to) draw more technical stuff than artistic. But I do respect your approach and I assume it's tailored around the majority of users' requests plus your considerations.


All I can say then is good luck and fruitful development to see AD flourish fast! :)

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While the roadmap for AD contains quite a few goodies, this is also something that I put high on my wish list! When preparing a design for printing, it is, in some stages, quite useful to be able to add dimension markings. 


I totally agree with Adrian that iDraw implements this quite nicely (automatic dimension labels at any given scale).

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The web devs at our agency are used to making heavy use of the measurement tool in Photoshop, so while they can get measurements by dragging out shapes, this is pretty high on our wish list for UI design and development. They're digging into Affinity, but are bugged that it's not there when it seems like a fairly simple feature.

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