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Text style: numbering bullets error

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@Hi elmonopascual,

the text paragraph should look like the first pic (edit with Photoshop): Dot thick in dark blue, text in gray.


Your suggestion with " /t •" works partially only:

Unfortunately the character style "Punkt" is ignored. Therefore the dots are small and in the same color as the text.



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Hi Pinnochio,

As elmonopascual says, if you put a space between the bullet and the text rather than a tab then the bullet will stay with the text. As for the bullet itself you might want to try maybe Unicode 25cf (Black Circle) which can be found under More… and then ‘Geometric Shapes’, at least for Arial. (Alternatively if you know which unicode you want you can just type say \u25cf into the bullet ‘Text’ field before the space). In order to make the bullet a different colour you will need to set up a character style for it that defines the colour you wish to use and also possibly the font, and then apply it via ‘Style’ in the Bullets section.

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I have also had several problems with the reliability of character styles in bulleted lists: Sometimes, the character style was used properly, but sometimes not. In the same document, only a few paragraphs away, some bullets were OK (and used the defined character style), but others weren't  (the bullets appeared properly, but did not use the defined character style). I couldn't find a way to decently reproduce this wrong behaviour, so I didn't write a report yet.

The only (strange) solution I found at that time was:

  • Edit the character style to something undesired.
  • Edit the character style back to the desired settings. Voilà: All problematic bullets changed to the desired style (but in a few minutes, newly created lists would again ignore the character style by some reason).
  • Just trying to reapply the paragraph style did not work in most cases.

Andreas Weidner

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12 hours ago, anweid said:

I have also had several problems with the reliability of character styles in bulleted lists [...]

Hi anweid, I don't believe we're aware of any specific problems such as you mention so any further information would be useful.

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I even managed to capture some extreme weirdness on video with Affinity Publisher on a German Windows 7 (64bit). The weird behaviour of bullets seems to be connected to the (still rather buggy) text styles dialog - at least only the bullets that used a dedicated character style did strange things. Hints:

  1. In the attached document, I created the 'Bullet' paragraph style, which uses the 'Large' character style for the bullets (yes, the bullets are much too large, I know). The 'Large' style once was defined by me with fontsize=30pt and baseline=-6pt.
  2. Unfortunately, you will not be able to see this in the document: By some mysterious reason, after defining the character style this way in the Edit Text Styles dialog, closing the dialog and opening it again, the previously set baseline of '-6pt' is converted to '25pt', and the baseline used in the actual document is more something like +6pt. And the bullet size in the document is also not 30pt, but something less. Weird. This is the beginning of the video. I do not know exactly anymore how I got to the beginning of the video: My first tries to get some strange behaviour failed, so I just clicked wildly around, changed several styles, typed, did undos etc. And lo! suddenly, there was weirdness!
  3. At 0:00, the bullets that should be fontsize=30pt and baseline=-6pt are smaller and positioned higher.
  4. Opening the Edit Text Styles dialog even shows these settings in the description at the bottom at 0:11.
  5. The Font page also shows 30pt text size at 0:22, even though the bullet size is not 30pt.
  6. The Position & Transform page at 0:27 shows the mentioned wrong '25pt' baseline, even though -6pt were requested, and about +6pt are used in the document.
  7. Changing the baseline with the mouse to 26pt at 0:36 immediately makes the bullets really jump to 26pt and - watch! - the bullet size increase to really 30pt.
  8. Clicking with the mouse to decrease the baseline down to -5pt leaves fontsize=30pt and baseline=AsDesired.
  9. But - watch! - when decreasing the baseline to -6pt (where it should have been from the beginning) at 0:53, the font size gets smaller again and the baseline jumps back to around +6pt instead of -6pt. Fascinating!

Whatever weird things happen here, some of this weirdness is somehow saved somewhere, because saving the document in this state and opening it again restores that weirdness.

Of course it would be nicer if things were working more reliably...

Andreas Weidner


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Hi guys,
I'm having a similar issue....

I have a right aligned paragraph with bullets and I want the bullets to appear on the far right of the paragraph... but I can only get them to appear on the left side??

Any suggestions or tips to achieve this??

Many thanks

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