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JK Rowling Never Gave Up and Neither Will I.


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JK Rowling too Struggled bringing Harry Potters Story to a publisher, she got turned down many times, however she refused to give up, been persistant.. And because her determination, the Story of Harry Potter is well known around the world,.
Im like JKRowling, I refuse to give up. Her skills are with writing...
For me i have 4, writing, poetry, illustration and Song Rewriting. Many people tell me i should go to a publisher..
I can easily get into coloring books first. Got over 100 Illustrations done even colored them...




I'm a vector Artist... My #1 program i use Serif Affinity Design. It's Epic and perfect the cool thing about this program you can do both vector and raster art. I even create new Species Names.. And design my own charecters





I plan to Publish Novels in my series.
I even Created my own Guardians for my creation.. Here is sneak Peek.. 


I have Many Skills Poetry being my First Skill in life, i use to rhyme a lot in my childhood.... 
This is a Poem I written a few Months Ago in Honor of our War Vets..
"'The Poppy a Flower To Remember''
As we read the news,
A war going on,
In our past hometown land.
We choose to volunteer,
To save our country,
And help our fellow man.
Dressed in our uniform,
Giving a heart felt embrace.
To the ones we hold dear to our hearts,
As we leave for the battle we face.
As we cram in giant planes,
And in ships waiting for us at port.
A felling of mixed emotions consume,
To the people we help and support.
The journey is long,
Yet we grow anxious to arrive.
Knowing very well,
Many of us will sadly,
Not come back home alive.
Making it to our destination,
Flooding out from ships,
And dropping from the sky.
Seeing the dangers,
Chaos we face. 
We give it all we got.
We race towards booms and blasts,
For Freedom is worth a Lot.
We struggle on Deadly Ground’s,
Trying to Stay alive.
Hoping we make a Difference,
I sit in my trench,
Given a moments,
For a quick break.
Seeing the dead and injured,
People fighting everywhere.
The odor in nauseating,
It's more than I can bear.
Yet I quickly spring back up,
Fire my gun,
At enemy lines.
All of a sudden,
I feel a strike near my spine...
As I lay there bleeding,
Far to injured to move.
As I look upon the field,
A beautiful red flower,
Captures my view.
I close my eyes,
And think back to all the memories,
I been with you.
The way you brush your hair, in the morning,
I would just sit and watch.
The way you would laugh,
When I goof off a lot.
Remembering how teared up you were,
When supper was ruined,
Yet I still ate every little bite.
Wanting to take you out of your failure mood,
Giving you confidence ,
Someday you will get it right.
Hearing I was going to be a father soon,
The happy joy as we embrace.
The painful tears that fell,
From the both of us,
When i had to leave for base.
Yet here I lay dying,
Not much time left to spare.
Please remember the Red Poppy,
For I will always be there.
May its Red Color remind you,
Of my sacrifice.
I gave my Heart and soul,
So you can live you life..

I Laurie Ann Garland Writer of ''The Poppy, A Flower to Remember'' in Honor of all Our War Vets, Past, Present, and the Future. Dedicate this poem to the War Vets. They have giving us their lives, limbs, even their very souls so that we may live in Peace and be Free.
may we reflect on this Historic day that many Brave Men, Nurses, Doctors , and everyone involved, whom sacrificed and risked their lives. So that we will have peace and live to be Free.

Thank You for Everything,

Laurie Ann Garland
Here is the Craziest Part...Crystal Frost was first Doodled on the Ipad with my Finger using the App Sketch Club.in 2017 That is when her story came to my head. I Doodled over 100 Illustrations of her Alone Yes Im a doodle A Holic., I would Churn out 4 to five of her doodles on each sitting.
I would also Write Little Random Stories about her. What Sparked the Idea..
I was watching MLP FIM with my Daughters, then Twilight Sparkle said, "'Ponies know very little about dragons because they were to afraid or scared to go near them.''
Then an idea raced through my head what if a pony got lost in the woods, got chased by dangerous wild creatures, and was saved by a dragon. They Became good friends,yet as time moved on their friendship bloomed into a relationship, that resulted in he being pregnant for the dragon. unable to stay home she leaves with the dragon, they both go into the wild land, to have their baby and raise the little one on their own.
At first it was just some random stories here and There. And i started to like where the story was going.
Went to MLP Arena with my idea, told them my plan to Pitch Crystal Frost Story to Hasbro. They told me Hasbro gets many spin off pitches of the MLP TV series All the time, they told me I was very Creative, their Advice was to Wipe out everything Hasbro MLP related in my Story, Created my Own Kingdom and World, and Put Crystal Frost Story in it.
On March 2018 within 4 Days i created the ''The Story of Crystal Frost, The Kingdom of Long Heart Stone, and Beyond. ''
before that it was just a few random stories, and A lost of Crystal Frost art Doodles, However after that Date 97% of the Creation was created after that More Stories Flooded to Me, More Species, More Creative Worlds and the important roles each species had in the stories..
Over time I realize.... that my story had a Pattern it was a Family Tree Time Line.. Loved it So Beautiful. My series span to 25 novels in the series.. Here is the list with a few samples in between...
Our Little Miracle

The Story of Crystal Frost......Sneak peek....
( When you wish upon a star
Weather you are near or far..
Shining hope up in the sky
Makes you tear up want to cry.
Want to stay with all my heart
Sadly I have to go depart
My little child listen to me
Your mother loves you so fondly.
Yet the time has come to past
Your father you will go at last
My dearest child one last verse I say
I love you with my heart,
you will always forever stay... )

Challenges of Being a Father.
Return of Crystal Frost
The Kingdom of Long Heart Stone

Family Unity Tragedy Shatters..........Sneak Peek.......
( Seeing her father obsess over only work and her baby brother wanting to hold him all the time, starts to feel left out resentful for the baby... While her dad is at work, holding her sketch book, she hears her little brother now 2 years old, crying in the nursery, She goes inside,sketch book in her hoof, looks at him with tears in her eyes
'' what are you crying For, mom held you in her arms for one full year, and she held on to me only once''

Tiger Lilly hearing the whole thing play out, tries to help Star Shine. However She Quickly turns on her'' what do you know,'' thinking back to that kiss at the festival'' you just wanted mom out of the way so you can have my dad all to your self.'' in tears she runs out of the room sketch book in her hoof..)
Beyond the Kingdom of Long Heart Stone..
Star Knight Shines Journey
A Dragon in The Kingdom of Long Heart Stone
The Final Battle
The Challenges of Sudden Change in Life
The Truth will set you free
Knight Wings Greatest Challenge.
Frost Knight Storm Journey
Visions of the Blind
Varian Frost Swirl

Romance and Tragedy........Sneak Peek....
( The last day Varian, has to leave back to Military Base, seeing Hopes Mother Amanda, Confessing to her.’’ I love Hope more that anything,, I just don’t understand why her Father will not let us be.’’
Amanda respond.’’ He is Just afraid he will loose his baby girl.’’ Revealing to Varian, Adrian’s dream to have a big family. However the accident she been in, resulted in her unable to bear children ever again.

The two still kept in the dark about the truth. )
Out of the Shadow and Into the Light
Lost At Sea
On a Journey for Home
The Burden of Knowing the Truth

Luke and Lucas..........Sneak Peek.....
( Hearing a rustle in the forest, heart racing, as Anita Appears in his view, walking to towards Lucas her mane and tail decorated in beautiful blue and pink Ribbons, holding in her mouth. A bouquet of fresh picked Golden orange Flowers kept in place with a beautiful blue ribbon. Walking to the place to sand by Lucas side...
The Priest begins '' We gather here, in the presence of nature and her beauty , before God and his Son to join these two in holy matrimony,''
continue on, looking over at Anita.'' Lucas wishes share his vow he wrote just for you.''
Lucas feeling nervous, yet with the passion in his heart, gains the courage, reaches for his paper.

Looking over at Anita..... )

Snowfall and the Prince......... Sneak Peek...
( Hearing a rustle in the bushes, seeing Richard hoof out motioning her to leave. Turns around for one last look. A tear falling from her eye,
dropping on the newborns face, waking up the infant causing her to open her eyes, seeing a clear view of her mother, The Newborn making baby cooing sounds happy to see her mother.
Quickly leaves her baby behind, running into the woods, crying, heartbroken as she hers her newborn cries.

Richard seeing how emotional Snowfall was through the whole situation quickly chases after her. Prepared to fight to defend the creature he is forbidden to love. )
Charity and the Guardian...

I mixed tributes in my Novel series of creation as well ....
Forbidden love
Trying to find your family
war Vets
Youth whom run away from family
Birth defects
Fire Fighters
couples whom are childless
missing children
Loved ones who leave yet sadly never see their family again

And many many more.
This is one Crazy Massive Intense Project. and I write every Day..

Here is a Sneak peek of the First Chapter in the first book in the Novel Series...

In the middle of the woods, Deep in the thick forest of Tree Top Hills, a small lumber Village, busseled with Clyonies. They tilled the land, turning trees into lumber, distributing, the wood, being used, to build the homes , all across The Kingdom of Long Heart Stone.
''where did he go this time'' carrying her saddle bag Juliette Dew Drop walks through the small village.
inside the village a small local grocery store, owned by Mr and Mrs Shops, sold a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.
A post office called, Clyasus Express, run by Stamp Wells, where flying Clyasus would come and go delivering parcels and mail to the locals.
A small local paper called, News and Views. written, edited, photographed , by a Clyony named Flash dash the one and only reporter in the community..
A small school house nestled down by the brook, teaming with aquatic life, run my Miss Glass, where fillies and foal's would go to learn math, how to read, write, spell, and make friends.
looking past the the school house, walking by the tall thick trees, Juliette Dew Drop notices a cleared path, she turns to follow the path and disappears into the thick treed forest...
In a valley, stumps surrounding the lumber yard , timber stacked in piles. The clyony wood cutting crew, tired from cutting down trees all morning, were sitting down to a much deserved lunch break. Munch Munch Crunch chatting up a storm.
Timber ''anyone going to the family picnic the community is having this weekend.?''
Tree Cutter, looking nervously at his wind up watch, trying hard to keep track of time'' Can't my wife's mother in law is coming over to see the twins, that reminds me I have to pick her up after work, the stage coach is expected to arrive later today.''
Tall Trees,'' Not this time, I promised the kids I would help them with building a tree house, on the Big Oak Tree in our back yard.''
Roots, ''my Wife is due to have our 5th baby soon, she is quite cranky and craving all kinds of weird foods, last night she sent me to the shop, to pick up apples and bean bread, they do not even sell apple bean bread.. why can't she crave something normal.''
Splash '' My wife been nagging me to take her to the city lately, last time we went, she went on some crazy shopping spree, thank goodness the kids came, kept her pre-occupied, and I finally did not come home broke. ''
Timber,'' Just bring the kids again.. ''
Splash '' She wants to leave them with he sister Sweet Shine. this time''
snoring sounds interrupted the conversation, the stations looked over at the direction of the sound, Timber gets up and walks near Stomper, napping on the ground face in his bowl of oatmeal.
Timber,'' Stomper.''
Stomper... snore
Timber a little louder ''Stomper''
Stomper... snore.
Timber, Getting annoyed, ''STOMPER !''
Freaked out, stomper quickly lifts his head, oatmeal dripping from the side of his face, ''don't cry daddy's here'' he said is a panic sleepy voice, letting out a big yawn.. looking up, ''oh its you guys.'' yawning tiredly..
Timber '' you got oatmeal on your face again''
Stomper letting out a sleepy yawn ''that is nice,'' lifting his hoof, wiping the oatmeal off his face, licking his hoof.''
''So are you coming to the family picnic this weekend'' Timber asked curiously.
Stomper "too tired, Rock Climber had us up all night crying'' yawns as he takes another lick of oatmeal, '' we tried giving him his milk, changing his diaper, and a bath, and he still kept crying.''
Timber ''How about you Ross Forest,'' the clyonies stopped eating, feeling awkward by the question.
Juliette Dew Drop, appears out of the path with her saddle bag on her back, entering the lumber sight, the cool breeze blowing the smell of fresh cut trees, she sees Ross Forest and walks towards him.
Juliette Dew Drop ''Hello Dear,'' reaching to her saddle bag open the flap dipping her hoof into the bag she pulls out a paper bag. ''You forgot your lunch.again ''
Ross Forest,'' sorry about that, I will try to remember next time.''
they both nuzzle each other, then Juliette Dew Drop heads back towards to the path and disappears into the woods..
Taking out his daisy sandwich, muffin, and a canteen of lemonade, a note falls to the ground..Ross Forest stoops down to pick it up with his hoofs, he read the note

I have something to tell you..


I love writing..Novel series is 25 books long. it covers 10 Generations within this family time line.. Yes i write it all out.. You can see some of my art here, granted they are sneak peaks until 2019 When i reveal the characters from my novel series. .. There are way more charecters than this Already Illustrated.. This is just crumbs.. When you browse my folder you will see i have other folders reserved for those who will be joining me on a creativity to success.

I was Inspired By Chrales Dickens ''A Christmas Carol.'' to Write  no own version of the Well Known story.
Raw Written Material in 5 days '' Once Upon a Christmas Tale.''23 Chapters long..
Here is sample to First Chapter.
.......Once Upon a Christmas Tale........

"'Once upon a time, many years ago.
During the time of Christmas, Frost, Ice, and, Snow.
In the City of Forest Shine,
A creature obsessed in business,
That loved gold, With all his heart.
Oh how he would quiver, At the thought to be apart.
True his partner of long ago.
Passed away within their successfully prime.
Leaving the creature with everything, only wealth consume his mind.
Yet let's continue further. For there is much to tell.
How this creature went form obsession of greed.
To being caring thoughtful and sharing with those in need.''
This one is Raw Written Material, Full of my Poetic works. However I want to go over it again and write in more Depth and Detail. I Will have this Novel finished and ready to publish by Next Christmas.
Granted is Off from my 25 Novel series..
However in the Novel series the book "'Once Upon a Christmas Tale'' is Mentioned in the Novel series.
I love Writing so Much, Illustrations, Poetry, and even Storytelling
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Have you got these published yet?

You can, if you so choose, publish them yourself on the web in electronic format.

I notice that the dates on the illustration are in the American mm/dd/yyyy format.

In the United Kingdom, The British Library collects and conserves most things that are published in the United Kingdom, including pure electronic publications.

I do not know what arrangements there are in other countries.

So it is not necessary to convince a commercial organization to publish work.



Using a Lenovo laptop running Windows 10 in England

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3 hours ago, Hilltop said:

Who do the three signatures on the illustrations belong to?

It’s not unreasonable to assume that the signatures are those of the creator of the illustrations, who is the also the creator of this thread. ;)

Alfred spacer.png
Affinity Designer/Photo/Publisher for Windows 1.10 • Windows 10 Home/Pro
Affinity Photo for iPad 1.10 • Designer for iPad 1.10 • iPadOS 15.6.1 (iPad Air 2)

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3 hours ago, Hilltop said:

Nice work. Who do the three signatures on the illustrations belong to?


10 minutes ago, Alfred said:

It’s not unreasonable to assume that the signatures are those of the creator of the illustrations, who is the also the creator of this thread. ;)

Well, it does not seem to be signatures (plural) in each image but one signature comprised of two given names and a surname.

Those two given names and a surname are stated within the text in the first post of this thread.



Using a Lenovo laptop running Windows 10 in England

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1 hour ago, William Overington said:

Well, it does not seem to be signatures (plural) in each image but one signature comprised of two given names and a surname.

You must have overlooked the ‘Laurie Doodles’ signature in the last image. (I confess to being at a slight advantage here, having seen Laurie’s wonderful work before.) I, in turn, overlooked @Hilltop’s reference to ‘the three signatures’: there are only two different ones.

Alfred spacer.png
Affinity Designer/Photo/Publisher for Windows 1.10 • Windows 10 Home/Pro
Affinity Photo for iPad 1.10 • Designer for iPad 1.10 • iPadOS 15.6.1 (iPad Air 2)

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On 5/22/2021 at 10:43 AM, Hilltop said:

Who do the three signatures on the illustrations belong to?

As you have now worked out...from the poem


Laurie Ann Garland


Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility lies in being superior to your previous self."  W. L. Sheldon


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