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Text frame border in project mode - too many lines

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I try add few new text frames to PDF. I found that app duplicates problem which I was familiar in PagePlus X9. It make working with text frames not comfortable.


When in project mode (I mean simply drag and drop new text frame without changing border, add text etc.) few text frames overlap is hard to guest:

  1. Which one is selected?
  2. How text looks like on page, because blue border of frame sometimes hide text and make them not well visible.

Few frame overlap when fx. form is created. On PDF with fields name, surname, adress fields was overlaping. Without export to picture / PDF it was hard too see what is going on.



  1. Active text frame border has less opacity than other (is more visible).
  2. Hide all text frames borders by keyboard key like preview mode in InDesign.
  3. Add posibility to group text frames and when are unchecked it will hide (now is nothing change when select 2 text frame, next Ctr+G and uncheck in layer panel, using layers make the same result)
  4. All new layer has default new colour and when layer is created user can select what colour he is likes. Now all are blue what make text frames overlap and not seperated them well.
  5. Quick mode - after pressing keyboard key APub try select (text) frame based on mouse cursor position. Active frame is selected with less opacity. When user press the same key smart mode is off. I'll be think about Quick mode to frame / other object separetly and all object together (changing by key shourtcut).
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I'd like a toggle for this in the View menu; clean design mode was something I :17_heart_eyes: back in the day. For my current project I'd like to keep margins and bleed but disable text frame visibility unless it's selected. It's not straightforward, perhaps, too much customisation is bloat that Affinity apps want to avoid.

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You can hide unselected text frames by unticking View > Show Text Flow. They are also hidden by View > Hide All Guides, which is as close as we currently get to a preview/clean view.

You can change the colour used for objects on a layer by right-clicking on the layer in the Layers panel.

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