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“Text styles pallet” bug.

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If to select several paragraphs with paragraph style applied to them  and there is no word with local formatting in the beginning of the very first selected paragraph but all  the words with local formatting  are just inside paragraphs, the “Reset Formatting” button is grayed out and there is no “legal” way to remove text local overrides.
The way around: you have to intentionally make the very first word of the very first paragraph something like bold or italic then after this the “Reset Formatting” button is active.

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You're right with the workaround. Despite clicking the Reset Formatting button (which only works when the cursor is exactly on a word that is not conform the Paragraph Style) however, the dropdown box in the toolbar still shows the paragraph style with a plus (+). And that's at least unexpected.

What I expect to happen is when anywhere in a paragraph the style is manually altered, the plus would show and the reset button would become active. Pressing the button should revert the styling to the defined paragraph style, wherever the cursor is inside the paragraph. And the plus should go away in both the dropdown box and the text style tab.

Sometimes a part of program behaviour is called a feature, but this is not one of those times in my opinion.

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Yes, this is an area that works like  no other application, especially in the wording of the right-click (or symbol at the right of the style) options. For me, there really seems to be redundancy and an obvious choice/wording.

Try clicking anywhere in the paragraph that has local formatting. Right-click over the paragraph style being used. Choose the top choice "Apply Style to Paragraphs" where "Style" in the preceding is the name of the paragraph style being used. That should immediately remove the local formatting.

In practice, it doesn't always do this for me. And there is no choice for removing say a Bold attribute that has a defined character style. At least I cannot. I have to first Apply Body to Paragraphs, and choose some other option I cannot recall at the moment.

APub really should have an alt+click on the style name to simply reset a paragraph to the paragraph style. Or just copy the wording/how it works from ID, QXP, etc. As it is, it kinda sucks.

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