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Continued on and Continued from Page Numbers

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InDesign includes a feature where when text frames are flowed over several pages it is possible to automatically insert the Continued on page number at the bottom of the first page and the Continued from page number at the top of the next page. It is activated by choosing Type→Insert Special Character→Marker→Next or Previous Page Number when the Continued text frame slightly overlaps the content frame.

Is this already available in Publisher or is there a plan to include it?

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Thanks for your feedback Eugene.

I noted the Next and Previous Page Number listing in the Text>Insert menu but it literally adds the next or previous page numbers. The InDesign feature allows for example, if I have started an article on page 1 and it doesn't fit and I decided to continue it on, say, page 10 and (I may want to continue other articles on the same page so it is important to identify which article is which)  by typing Continued on page __  at the bottom of the page 1 item ID automatically analyses the thread and inserts 10. On page 10 each of the continuing articles will have Continued from page __  and ID will add the 1 or whatever page thread originated from.

In my testing the Publisher Next Page simply adds a 2 to the bottom of the page 1 item and 9 to the page 10 carry over text so literally the next page not the next continuing page or previous start page.

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